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Hey there! Sorry if this a repeat of several other topics..I've been reading through many threads, and there is so much information, I'm getting overloaded. I'm an RN currently working as a traveler in the US. I have almost 2... Read More

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    I had to provide the same information as well about my clinical hours. I called the school's program office and they told me there is a minimum hours that the program must meet for the California BRN, my particular program was a few hours over with each class. I think it is around 50+ hours, but I had to have the school provide supplemental letters for the AHPRA (on their letterhead etc..) I emailed the program coordinator and I was lucky enough to still live close enough to drive to pick the the letters (to expedite the process)...and brought them some portos too

    I'm in Los Angeles too...South Bay more specifically!

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    Hi everyone, thanks so much for all this information. I am just getting the application/Visa process started so I have a loooong way to go! I am a pediatric nurse with my BSN, over 7 years experience, and looking to go over with my work/holiday visa for about 6 months. I have many questions but just trying to take one step at a time. Does anyone know that when you do your visa online, do you need to attach all the other information right away? I am supposed to get a lot of certified copies of things which I am working on but I am finished with filling out my visa info...just haven't pressed send. Should I go ahead and send it and hopefully attach everything else shortly?
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    Ya, I just called my nursing department and explained what I needed, and they typed something up on letterhead for me. It was a little frustrating for them, I think, but hey what can ya do!

    Funny we live in the same-ish area! I've only been up to LA like three times though, I think. Just hit up Disneyland on Monday though
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    This is soo awesome that we all live in the same area!! i work in Glendale, portos is really close to my work. lol! i went to glendale community college for nursing school, i just put a call in to them to obtain something that mentions my clinical hours. the program is obviously approved by the BRN accreditation so i hope that AHPRA is willing to approve me without a bachelors degree. i really would like to make this work out for me.

    At etoile88, im going to disneyland on Oct 1, i was just there a couple a weeks ago too, i have a season pass. i had to check out the cars land!! lol!! this is a good time to go, they have all the halloween decorations up! i love it!! we should get each others emails to keep in touch through this whole process!! thanks again ladies for all the information!!
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    Hey Ladies!

    Becky - For my visa, I submitted all the supporting documents with the visa. It just made me feel more comfortable sending everything together that way. They got back to me pretty quickly and told me I needed to do my health assessment because I would be working in a hospital. This is out of pocket, so you pay for a physical, labs, and a chest xray (r/o TB). You can't go to your pcp, but it has to be a gov't approved MD. In cali, there was one in LA and I think San Fran. There's a list online, but some states only had 1 approved immigration MD you could see. I was lucky and this MD was in westchester (near LAX). This all cost me about $500-600. They will send all the info to the Australian gov't for your visa. Once that was completed, I think I got my visa 2 weeks later. You can do the whole medical thing first before you submit your visa, but I didn't want to spend the money in case they immediately said no to my application and I didn't want to waste going through that whole process until I heard back from the visa people. The whole process for the visa for me went quite quick, total 3 weeks. Just know that once you are granted the visa, you have one year from that date to enter Australia to essentially activate your visa. Once you enter Australia you have a year from the date to stay in the country. Hope that helps or makes sense!

    Other Cali Ladies - I seriously just went to Disneyland last The new carsland ride is soooo cool!! I highly recommend it and checking out radiator springs at night! The line is long, but depending on your group size, single rider is a good option, and unless you hit the fast pass line right when the park opens, they usually run out.

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    Ahh, I knew that whole visa process would be expensive, but I didn't think it'd be THAT much!! Darn you can't go to your PCP? Since I'm traveling, my PCP is all the way back in Maryland, but I was hoping to try and coordinate a visit home with my lab tests and stuff.

    Haha, so funny we're all going to Disney at the same time. Wasn't Cars Land so cute??!! We got there at like 10, and fast passes were already gone.. but yeah, the singe rider took like 30 min, not bad!

    We should def exchange emails. And I'm up for a coffee meet-up or something if that's not too creepy haha. We can rant about Australia :P
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    Thx Lilly! I knew about the physical but not the $$$. Does insurance not cover any? I live in San Diego so I guess I'll take a look at that list! I think it's smart to wait on it until Visa is sent. Do any of you know the best time to be in Australia for 6mos or so? I was thinking winter time (summer for them) but that's soooo long since I don't expect to be ready this winter. But they probably have more jobs during their winter? ~may/June?... And weather seems nice all year round?
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    No unfortunately insurance doesn't cover it since it is elective, and it HAS to be an immigration MD. I think they are worried about someone forging MD reports and you have to bring a couple forms of ID or something and passport pics to the physical (I'm assuming to make sure you are actually the person getting the physical). The fees for the physical, labs, and xray were around $300+ but with the visa application fees it totaled $500-600. When you call to make the appointment they tell you how much it will all cost. They seemed very competent with the paperwork being sent to Washington DC. (That's where I sent mine to.)

    As far as the time of year, I would think summer there is quite nice. And since many people take their holiday with Xmas and new years being around then, there might be more availability. But this is all my speculation, seeing how I'm still working on the getting a job part. However, I do know a lot of the new nurses start in the hospitals around Dec/Jan time too, so a lot of hospitals are putting a lot of effort into their new RNs. (so all that said...i have no idea what time of year would be best to find a job...haha)
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    Etoile...I'd love to meet up for coffee no, not too creepy haha, I'll send you my email address.
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    Etoile...just tried sending you a private message but it says you've met your PM quota..guess you need to delete some msgs or something

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