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Nursing Missions

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    I am a pretty green nurse, one year in. I am looking to save over the next few years for a nursing missions trip somewhere. Has anyone here had good experiences with this? It would be nice if I were able to bring my family along to learn some lessons as well. My kids are a little to comfy over here in the states. And I guess maybe I am too.
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    I should probably specify that I am looking for a Christian based mission program.
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    My best friend just went to Lebanon and Honduras on medical missions. I think she went with a Baptist group.
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    Have you thought about doing medical missions here in the states? There are many people who need healthcare here. If you really want to go out of the country, I think there is a group based in NY that goes to Guatemala.
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    I have done some medical missions... my question to you would be where do you feel God is calling you to? I have been to South Africa on medical missions with my church.. it is WHY I became a nurse. I have friends who have done work with Amigos for Christ in South America and have LOVED it as well. I wish you all the best all the same..

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