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Hi everyone, My name is Suzie. I am a registered nurse in Pensacola, Florida. Nursing has been my heart and passion more and sometimes less since the mid 1990's. I have worked in the acute care... Read More

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    Hey Kimberly,

    Wow, LPN to BSN, that is a big step. You are very smart to go ahead and do that. I started out as an LPN. I wish I had pursued my education more aggressively while I was younger. You go, girl.
    I am sending this with a prayer for increased aptitude, perseverance, energy, flavor and grace to be given to you as you take this path.

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    Hi Kathy,
    Thank you for responding to me. It is a tremendous honor to serve the Lord through our nursing service. If I did not have my faith, I could easily feel empty as I care for my patients.
    I know you understand that caring for a patient and family at the end of life is a special service of love to our Lord. It is one of the greatest honors we can have. May you be strengthened for your work in the name of Christ.
    Thank you for connecting with me. It is a blessing.
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    Hi crazy&cute,

    I feel the exact same way that you do about the Lord's miracles, healing, and mercy. One thing that I have found is that He is working within our patients and their families in ways we can't even imagine.
    When we are blessed enough to catch glimpses of this, it a beautiful thing. It reaffirms my purpose as a nurse.
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    Thanks for the welcome Spidey's mom!

    I am with you, my faith is not separate from any aspect of my faith. I also do not proselytize amy patients, however like you, I will not hesitate to pray with them or for them. If for whatever reason, I can't do that, I call a chaplain.
    I have also made international mission trips- one medical and one not.
    I am very interested in FCN, but just can't serve in this capacity at this time. I have worked at a faith-based medical clinic that provided free care to the working poor.
    Thank you for reaching out to me!
    God bless,
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    Hi UTVOL3!
    Congrats on the pursuit of your MSN at Liberty. I have listened to some of their podcast lectures in iTunes. It seems to be a good school.
    I am at Walden myself, sadly we do not have a faith based component to the program (not that I am aware of anyway).
    I study a lot about the history of our profession through reading Christian nursing authors, such as Judith Shelley and Doornbos, Groenhout, & Hotz. Also, I gain a lot of insight from the secular history books, because there is no denying the role of our faith ancestors in the history of our beautiful profession.
    Thanks for friending me. I will be in touch with you.
    God bless,
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    Hi Suzie I'm a Christian also ...Im a new LPN & recently God blessed me with my first job which I will begin in a few weeks it always makes me feel good to see other nurses open about their faith
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    Hello, Suzie, and welcome to Allnurses! I'm a Catholic Christian RN and parish nurse. Like Spidey's mom, I don't proselytize or try to convert anyone, whether here or at work; but I am not ashamed to proclaim my faith in our Savior, and I most certainly will share it with anyone who asks. Thanks for asking
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    Hiya! I have not posted here before...I, too, am a Christian and am almost a nurse, YAY!
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    Hi Suzie,

    I'm a Christian nurse as well. I was raised in the faith, left it in my teenage years only to have it come roaring back in Spades in my young twenties about when I joined the Army. The Army not only sparked my return to the religion of my youth, but it has also done nothing but encourage and strengthen that faith as I have gotten older (as well as adding some unique military flavor to what is (sadly) often perceived as a static, boring belief system).

    Welcome to AN. Looking forward to getting to know you on the forums!

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    Hi Suzie,

    Lovely to hear from you. I'm a Christian Nurse too, gave my heart to him when just a child, I am uncertain if I'm called to be in nursing, but I do try my best to be kind and understanding with co-workers, patients and their families. I talk about God if the conversation is broached but I've never felt I should force my beliefs on others, I figure it may frustrate people and turn them away, I think some are called/gifted to evangelism others are not and show their love of God through their life and actions instead (me XD ).

    All the same, there has been many moments in my life I've talked about him to coworkers and patients when the topic arose and they enquired. My faith is very strong (he's been there for me in some harsh times), but when it comes to nursing I sense I won't always be one, but I do enjoy my job and like coming home feeling I've helped someone or have been there for them even if just to listen.
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