I will fear no evil: for you are with me - page 4

by CheesePotato

Every now and again there is a moment in our jobs which lingers in back of our minds, niggling at our focus, bobbing on the outskirts of all other important thoughts and well, just generally being a royal pain. I first wish to... Read More

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    This was beautiful, it was something I was thinking about recently, yesterday or today. I would definitely read the bible to a patient if they wanted me too. Or pray with them. I would never think twice. I am religious myself, but at this time have been having faith issues. But this article made my heart soar, and made me realize what is ultimately truly important. Loving and serving each other.

    Thank you! And your writing is great.
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    So incredibly generous of you to write this. Your words have moved so many and I thank you for that.

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