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I am not a storyteller. I am not a person whose story needs to be heard. But I have met those whose story is worth telling. And so I will set forth to the best of my ability to share their story. It is not one person, not one... Read More

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    I am extremely touched by this story truly heart felt
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    Truly amazing story, beautifully written, and yet, it's just not fair...
    Thank you for sharing it Ahvegas, you are definately a goed person and a goed nurse.
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    Thank you for a beautiful story that was eloquently told. Indeed you witnessed a miracle. God bless you for sharing it.
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    Thank you for sharing this amazing experience with all of us! I too, am typing a response through tears. I am sure that you were placed in the 'girl with a smile's' life at exactly the right time by God, to help with the unfolding of this miracle! Many would not share their feelings and faith as you have in your story. I pray that God will richly bless you, and that the girl with a smile and her family would be honored by your sharing.
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    What a touching story, I'm in tears. God bless!
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