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It is always a good thought when one decides they would like to die at home. Surrounded by loved ones, in their own beds. But as the time grows near, many decide that they would rather be in a hospital room, surrounded by... Read More

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    Quote from scwolf
    Thank you for the beautiful article, jadelpn. I am just starting nursing school and would like to become a hospice nurse. I've had several experiences, while volunteering for hospice and while helping my own mother through her (peaceful, at-home) death, that have led me in this direction. I welcome your advice or that of other nurses here about anything I might keep in mind as I go through the BSN program and afterward. Are there classes I should be sure to take or internships you recommend? Should I get years of bedside nursing experience first? Etc.?

    Thanks again for sharing your expertise.
    years of bedside nursing won't be necessary - but some time, maybe a year, would be helpful. The hospice used by the place I work in does not require more than that. I thought I wanted to do hospice as well, but I don't like the travel time, they are all over the place, driving from here to there all day. I'd rather work in one place.

    Unfortunately, working with the elderly, patients dying is a huge part of the job. I have one now, all her meds have been d/c'd and she is on morphine and xanax, those I give her with a syringe. I don't think the doses are high enough, she seems very uncomfortable to me. I have no hospice experience other than what I learned in school and am seeing here at work, where the protocol is basically to d/c the meds that have been keeping them alive, and then start doping them up on morphine. What bothers me the most is that with some of them, the family isn't even there. They die alone. I'd spend more time with them...but, as we all know, there IS NO TIME, I have too much to do. Really bothers me to see them all alone.
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    This is a wonderful website, and can tell you how to get certified.
    Best of luck!!
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    That was a beautiful article Jade...I have not been on these boards for quite a while and this was so timely for me....I am headed into Hospice Nursing PT to compliment my Skilled Rehab career...I have wanted to head in this direction since Nursing School, and as with many in Hospice that are just starting there is some nerves and doubt....I have always enjoyed your POV and am glad to have seen this, Thanks!
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    Thanks, Geslina, for your thoughts. Very helpful.
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    What a beautiful article. I work in an in-patient hospice center. I am constantly surprised as to how much I love working there. My goal is to not only give my patients care and peace, but also support the families. I have been privileged to support these families in the most difficult and intimate time they have had to go through.
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    Beautiful article!!! We had hospice for my brother. I would love to be a hospice nurse. However, I really don't have any med/surg experience. I did not become a nurse until I was 40. I worked in behavioral health. I worked in drug rehab an psychiatric hospital. Currently, I work prn for group home.

    I am a caregiver for my mother. She is 88 and has some dementia. I believe that it is radiation induced. (chemo and radiation to brain in 2012) My mother was diagnosed with lymphoma in Sept. 2011. She chose to have the chemo and radiation. I would have chosen palliative care, but she had a fear of dying. I believe that she is over her fear now. She has verbalized that she is ready to go now especially since my brother died.

    I would like to get into hospice nursing, when my mother no longer needs me. Although, I think that my chances of getting a hospice position are slim.

    I know that some people have told me that would be such a depressing job. I disagree. Death is a part of life. My brother went quick, but it was so violent. I was glad when his suffering was over. He chose to die after we took a short break from hospital. I was so upset that we weren't there, but nurse told me that happens a lot. They wait for people to leave.

    My desire to be a hospice nurse was before my brother was a hospice patient.

    Again, beautiful article!
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    Karen, I am so sorry about your father. I experience this on a daily basis at my hospital. Our administration feels that any nurse is capable of taking care of a dying patient. I have found that not all nurses want to care for a dying patient, therefore, the care is less effective, in my opinion. I believe that end-of-life care is a specialty, and should be treated as such. It takes a special person to care for a dying patient. I hope you followed through with the advice to take this to the administration.
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    I was 15 years old when my mum died in our divisional was the hardest and saddest day of my life but I was really thankful to the nurses who were on duty on the day my mom passed away.......nurses play so much roles......from that day I made up my mind that i would like to be a after 13years as a nurse..... general nursing,pychiatric nursing,geriatric nursing,public health nursing and now as risk manager......I have not regretted making that decision.......Thanks to the nurses who were with us on the day my dear mum left us.......
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