An RN That Is In Need Of Spiritual & Career Guidance

  1. I passed boards in 2007 and worked as an RN first on a Women's Surgical Oncology Unit and then MIU. Well its too much to get into but the MIU position ended (2010) very unfairly and it was strictly personal in nature. I know that it took me 33 years to finally pursue what I know God has instilled in my heart which was to be an RN in the NICU. I knew since I was about 6 years old that "I wanted to be a baby nurse." To date this has not happened for me.

    I just had my 3rd daughter which was not planned in April 2012. I was supposed (so I thought) to obtain another position but it did not happen. Or should I say I could have had 2 positions but the last NM sabotaged those efforts.

    My husband is the sole provider and I want so much to go back to work part time so that I can resume my nursing career so as a family we can move into that larger home and obtain that larger vehicle for a family of 5 that is so much needed. It just seems like nothing is being made possible.

    Doors are not being open to me. I worked hard, I was on time, I got along with peers, I was very good to my patients. I just don't understand why I am being made to sit. It is going on 3 years that I have not been on a hosptial floor come July 2013. I know that God can change my circumstances but I am very concerned about all of this.

    Has anyone else experienced anything like this and if so what did you do to keep standing and holding on? I appreciate your feedback and sharing of your experience. Thank you and God Bless....
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  3. by   HouTx
    {gently} You are not being "made to sit" - this same situation is happening to our colleagues all across the nation... it is simply a bad time to be looking for a nursing job. It's not God's will, it's economics. YOU need to work to change your circumstances. Have you maintained your continuing education? Worked to obtain any clinical certifications? Are you actively networking?

    How did the NM 'sabotage' your applications? Did you follow up to get some feedback or simply infer that you were being singled out for negative retribution? You may just need to get your foot in the door by applying for non-hospital jobs. This would be much more attractive (than unemployment) to potential employers.

    Take control - move from being simply reactive and accepting 'the Lord's will' to a more proactive and positive approach. This has less to do with your spirituality than your acceptance of/identification with being a victim. If you feel that nursing is your calling, you should not limit yourself to babies... other types of patients can also benefit from your care.
  4. by   MochaRN424
    Dear Hou Tx,

    Thank you for your response..I see that you responded to me back on March 8,2010. It was titled "Is this how nursing management should be?" To try to make a long story short I am not trying to be a victim. I have worked to try and change my circumstances. I had a NM to tell me to my face that she would give me a reference.

    The same NM that made a 180 after I expressed that I desired to see what otheropportunities there were in the same hospital in which I worked...why because a NM in the same hospital NICU encouraged me to speak with the current NM statingthat I should let her know my desires. I did that and the next thing I know I was taken off the schedule and told there were no more hours available. Also she did not support me in trying tobetter myself for my Patients and build confidence in reference to drawingblood. I had Antepartum, Postpartum moms and babies who required this to be done and I asked for the opportunity to shadow on my time which I was told was welcomed to be done during job hours on their dime and it did not happen. I was willing to do it free to get that experience. I did not want to cause harm to any patient but I guess that didn’t matter.

    I applied in the same teaching hospital. I had gotten an interview only for that new NM to tell me the old one decided not to give me a reference...what does that imply?

    I went to HR and Employee relations. Employee relations contacted the NM and told her that she could not do that..Why did the woman from Employeee relationsask the NM what she would say going forward.. She only had positive things to say about me. It was personal and I should have never stayed in that department when after a month and half she then told me that she hired me for nights whichwas not the discussion during the interview. My second daughter just made a year when I took that position.

    I knew the position was mine because as I was taking a tour of the floor I had a few of the nurses ask me when I was going to come aboard and already welcoming me to their unit. This is not the first time that has happened to me in applying for a position...I got the job all those other times. Let me beclear...nothing special about me but I know that was the grace of God in my life during those times.

    I applied for a position with WellPoint..Non-hosptial working from home doing telephonic nursing. Why would this have been perfect..I just had baby number 3 which was not planned but she is now 10 months old. So I have not just been idle I have been busy raising a now 4 year old and 10 month old and supporting my 18 year old as she is now in college...and being a wife. I did not get the position because they wanted closer to 3 years experience instead of 2.

    I have read on the posts here that if you take a job in home health or living facilities they don't count that as nursing so what other non nursing positions are you referring to because I do not see myself working in the corrections or jail environment. I applied for school nursing was not given an opportunity for that either.

    Nursing is my call (I wish sometimes it were something else) but I have always wanted to be a nurse in the NICU. If I gave the impression that I would not try for other positions because of my heart’s desire; not so. I have worked in Women's Surgical Oncology and lastly MIU. Anyone that knows me knows this process I have dealt with.

    Why can Inot pursue an area that I did exceptionally well in and have a strong interest in? Other people are able to pursue desired areas. When you have applied to the other hospitals in the area and no one is calling you what do you do with that? This is spiritual because God is bigger than this economy and any problem that I have. He knows what is going on and in spite of this economy there are others who are getting jobs in this difficult time. I am not blaming God for anything just wanted some insight on how someone else who is or has experienced a difficult time handled it.

    Again it goes back to God opening and presenting the opportunity after I have done all I know to do. Thank you for your words but this is why I put my post here in Spiritual...I have to keep believing that it will not always be this way for me. The other posts I have received privately addressed this. If a person has never had an experience such as mine then they would not begin to understand my position.
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  5. by   elprup
    Sending you positive light. I hope doors open up for you soon. I am feeling stuck too. Hugs.
  6. by   MochaRN424
    elprup...thank you so much I needed that! God has us...just praying for His grace and mercy to as you say stay positive!
  7. by   Heather_RN
    Jeremiah 29:11, Proverbs 3:6. I personally I don't think things happen any other way besides what God wants. I think a lot of people don't understand what it means when referring to God's will as is seen in the first post here. It was God's timing to have you off during an economic issue where it's harder to find a job as a nurse. Nothing happens that God hasn't already planned for right?

    Have you ever thought that maybe God is blessing you with a break from nursing? A break to focus on your own family and on God? I totally understand the wanting bigger houses, cars, etc. but God is blessing you with something priceless...TIME. It took me three children to realize how much I wasted in their younger years. I worked so much and was so tired that I didn't have anything left for them, my husband, or for God. Soak up your TIME. And while you are doing that keep knocking on those doors, keep your education up, and wait for God's timing. Jesus waited thirty years before he went all out and did His thang. But it worked out perfectly didn't it?

    God's giving you this time for a reason...enjoy it!
  8. by   MochaRN424
    Heather, Thank you so much for the encouraging words...Excellent choice of scriptures ...It definitely came at the right time. Yes so true only those who have a Christ centered upbringing would truly understand and its clear that you do. I have learned alot especially learning not to complain...I know God does not like this so in this area I have grown. I just need to speak those things and then I will find those open doors once again. I do realize that I am being given the opportunity to see my girls grow up and help in those early years of their yes for this I am very grateful. I have to trust Gods timing and I do know He knows whats best for me and my family. God Bless you and yours...Happy Mothers Day!!!!
  9. by   Heather_RN
    Mocha, Happy Mom's day to you too!