What is RN license endorsement?

  1. I'm a little bit confused about RN license endorsement. If I endorse my license from TX to NY, does it mean:
    - I will be able to work in both Texas AND New York? Or
    - My license will be moved to New York, and I won't be able to work in Texas anymore?

    Is there a way to be able to have a license in both states (TX and NY)?

    Thank you.
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  3. by   perioddrama
    You will have both licenses for both states. As long as you keep up on your CEUs and other required education and the fees to each Boards.
  4. by   control
    Licensure by endorsement is done when you've already passed the NCLEX (RN or LPN, whichever applies to you) and have been licensed in whichever state you are leaving to practice elsewhere (say, State 1). Basically to get a license by endorsement, you have to already have a license in good standing with State 1. When you go to apply for a license in State 2, applying via endorsement allows the board to essentially check your credentials with the State 1, your school, police, etc., to make sure you are what you say you are (licensed to practice elsewhere). You pay a fee to State 2 for the license if you're approved (these fees are typically not refundable). State 2 will let you know if you're licensed, and you're all set to practice if you are approved.

    If licensure by endorsement wasn't an option, we'd all have to rewrite boards....and that would suck.

    To keep any license, you have to maintain whatever requirements the state BON attaches to having a license. For active licenses, sometimes this is just paying a renewal fee. You can be licensed in multiple states at one time. You just have to pay all the applicable fees and meet whatever other requirements each state's BON requires to maintain a license in that state. In New York, there is a CEU requirement and a fee. In New Hampshire, there is a CEU requirement, a fee, and a criminal background check. In Vermont, there is a fee only. I know because I had license in all three of those states (plus two others) up until last year. I still maintain licenses in 4 states.

    If you reside in and are licensed to practice in compact state, then licensure by endorsement is a bit different. For example, New Hampshire and Maryland are compact states. If you are licensed and reside in New Hampshire, but plan to relocate to Maryland and would like a license by endorsement, you have generally a month where you can practice on your New Hampshire license in Maryland. Apply for a Maryland license by endorsement before the end of the 30 days.

    If you reside in a non-compact (licensed to practice in a single state only) state and are desiring a license in another non-compact state, you cannot practice in the other state until you have a license for that state.

    If you reside in a compact state and are desiring a license in a non-compact state, you also cannot practice in teh other state until you have a license for that state. Also, since your state of residence will change if you move to the new state, your license in the compact state is converted to a non-compact (single state) license.
  5. by   paltu
    hi @Control.
    Thank you for the detail information.. Do you have any information or link on the endorsement process from New york state to compact state? I recently got a NY RN license. Is it possible to start the endorsement process right away? I am willing to endorse my license to colorado state. Do you think the endorsement will require SSN? since i dont have it for now.
    thanks ..
  6. by   control

    Most questions about compact/non-compact states can be answered by clicking the link above.

    However, you need to go to Colorado's BON website to find out what you need to do' paltu. Again, endorsement rules vary by state. If you don't have a SSN, you should probably just contact the BON you want to get a license by endorsement from to find out if you can even apply. Good luck.
  7. by   kmat12
    I went to nursing school in IL and have been struggling with NCLEX. I thought I still had 4 more months until my 3 year limit to take the test was over. Apparently, my application has already expired. When I called continental testing they told me I had two options. 1. Go back to school for 2 years or 2. apply for NCLEX in another state(Iowa) and then once I pass get a endorsement for IL. Is this possible since I will not be living in Iowa and do not have a current residence there? I have looked online and called multiple numbers with little help.
  8. by   control
    I don't know a whole lot about the politics of the NCLEX, but on the surface this sounds true. It wouldn't hurt to apply in Iowa.

    You can apply to write the NCLEX in any state you want. Doesn't have to be the state where you went to nursing school. Not sure if there are limits on how far out of school you can be, but you should check out the NCLEX website to find out (assuming they have one). You could also check the Iowa BON website for info.
  9. by   carlene555
    OK am am a nurse who was educated outside of the us if I am applying for lisensure in a state in the us should I select lisensure by endorsement too ...I am presently liscened in my country and working ....was kina confused as to which I should choose lisrnsure via endorsement or examination
  10. by   akulahawkRN
    Nurses educated outside the US have a different process to go through. If you haven't taken the NCLEX, then you'll have to apply for licensure by examination but the path to getting approval to take the exam and subsequently getting licensed is where Nurses such as yourself encounter difficulties. If you're looking for licensing in California, please understand that their process is very strictly followed as are the educational requirements. Their license by endorsement and license by exam requirements are the same so getting a license elsewhere in the US doesn't mean you can have that license endorsed for California.
  11. by   carlene555
    Thank you ....Ur post was very helpful