goody goody nurse gets in trouble ??

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    Hello! I am a three year nurse. Worked in LTC And was recently fired from an ICU (working nights)for wrongful delegation. I left the unit for a break, had an aid sit and watch the call lights. This is a very small unit(5beds) and the medsurg nurses were 10 feet away watching the monitors. They have terminated me and said they are going to contact the ohio board of nursing. What should I expect? I have returned to the LTC but don't know if OBN will contact them about my case. Please help. I've never EVER been in trouble

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    Did you report off to those med surg nurses about your patients before you left the floor? If not then you were negligent. What did you expect that aid to do if one of the patients coded, or there drips alarmed. You expect her to do something that's not in her scope of practice. I'm sorry about your situation but I'm in agreement with your termination. You had a lapse in judgment it happens. I'm not sure what the board will do, my guess is that they will investigate the incident or they will just have it on file.
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    The nurses were aware I was leaving for five minutes but apparently my report wasn't enough.
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    I don't know the first thing about how the board handles these situations. I know I was wrong in leaving. I see my mistake now. But still don't know what to expect. Has anyone been In This type of situation ?
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    One incident is enough to get you fired? Is this normal in Nursing? If so then "We're a team" is nothing more than a catch phrase in nursing, huh? I only say this because I've read so many times on AN about "Teamwork" being so important as a nurse, yet posts like this tell me that your "team" will just throw you to the sharks...

    Great coaching, management
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    Yea... I know I was wrong but yes it was the first time I had been in trouble... ever. Sucks , but there was nothing I could do about it, because I'm not a liar. Just want to know my future as a nurse can move forward. I have gotten my old job back, they wanted me back badly. Now I am unsure and scared that this new position will be hindered later when I get called by the board. Will they contact my employer?
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    Hello - U said u returned to the LTC - the same facilty rehired you? If they did that, I would be surprised if they reported you to the board. JMO.

    This hasn't happened to me, but to an old cowrker, but her offense was more severe. The BON in our state contacted her 2 years after the complaint. She got assigned some contact hour tests on the subject of her offense.

    Ane, RNC
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    Yes I returned to my previous job at the LTC but don't know if the complaint has been filed yet. This all happened 3days ago... that's why I am afraid they may fire me if the board contacts them... if I do get a complaint.
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    Everything is happening so fast... so we will see. Is there anywhere online to go to see if there is a complaint ?
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    Can you contact HR and ask them what the end result of your termination is? 5 patients and 1 nurse and a CNA sounds a bit overwhelming in ICU. In any event, does your new employer know of your possible issue?

    I am NOT attempting to give you legal advice, however, you may want to think about calling HR, ask them, and see what they have to say. Ask for an exit interview with them. Ask for a copy of your personell file. Ask if you can answer to any negative reports in your file. If you were union, speak to a delegate. If this is going to be reported, get legal advice.

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