Advice on how to save a nursing career

  1. To make a long story short. After I got my license I got my first nrsg job in a rehab and skilled nursing center. I liked it there, my coworkers were great, supervisor loved me. Hard work, but it was going well.
    Then I got a job offer to what I thought was my dream job with a cancer hospital, so after 7 months at the rehab I left.
    This job at the cancer hospital was a nightmare! I never experianced such nasty human beings, backstabbing, in my coworkers. But the last straw was my supervisor was brand new and was terrible and on my back everytime I seen him. To the point that my job was starting to get threatened for no good reason.
    After 6 months I had to quit.
    So there I am. Its been 2 months. I've had 4 interviews. Got zero of them.
    So not sure what to do. Not looking for my dream job, I know my career is in trouble. Just looking to save it now. Never been in this position. I've always had a good reputation where I went. But accepting that job was the worst mistake I ever ever made.
    Any advice
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  3. by   serenitylove14
    Go back to the rehab center! If they were as great as you thought and they liked you as well that shouldnt have a problem with you coming back!
  4. by   HouTx
    Agree with PP - if you left in good standing (eligible for rehire) they will probably welcome you back. It's not an uncommon situation, as nurses are lured away for 'greener pastures' only to discover that it was only a mirage.
  5. by   BSNbeauty
    I could have written this post. I left my first RN job after 8 months, left my second RN job after one month for different reasons.
    I've decided to work parttime and go to school for my BSN. My goal would be to work in post partum or do community nursing. I suggest doing something you are familiar with like rehab, go back to school or get some certs to get into an area your enjoy. I do not mind working hard but if my heart is not into it then I find myself slacking.
    Good luck and keep us posted. I really do know how you feel.
  6. by   goalienrse
    Thanks so much for the post crazy! Its nice to know someone understands, even though you hate to hear another RN is going through it.
    Thtas a good idea to go back to school, definitely looking to do that. Learning experiances
  7. by   iwellnessnurse
    I find it disheartening that many of us RNs (young & old/ new & seasoned) experience career interrupt-ous! at the hands of ego bloated peers