Woman blames assisted-care facility when her mother dies of a stroke - page 2

by visionary123

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I read an article in the newspaper (StarTribune, March 12, 2013) tonight. The front page title caught my attention "FAMILIES WANT VOICE IN NURSING INQUIRIES". However, after reading the first couple paragraphs, I couldn't even... Read More

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    Quote from visionary123
    I don't get it - is it really that bad out there now that people don't expect their loved ones to ever die of natural causes? And when they do, it has to be someone else's fault?
    Yes, it is exactly that bad, in a minority of families. Fortunately, it is a minority ... though a distressingly large one.

    On a regular basis I encounter people who have clearly never, ever given thought to the inevitable phases of life and passage of time. Their reality is simply an ever-present NOW. I have taken care of patients whose families were just *shocked* when told that the outlook was grim for their emaciated, dusky-colored grandmother covered in decubitii and with stridorous respirations.

    And yes, this is exactly the type of person who looks for fault, because things don't go their way.
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    A year later, maybe this helps you folks figure it out....if you're providing appropriate care and following the law, there should be no problem with asking questions. In addition, this goes well beyond the elderly into anyone in any facility that requires 24/7 care. The assisted living facilities that aren't willing to provide answers via records, medication authorizations and questionable moves from nursing homes to assisted living with serious symptoms unresolved, need to be questioned ... By the way, the story goes well beyond this thread. Stay tuned.... Minnesota Woman Wants New State Law to Hold Doctors Accountable | KSTP TV - Minneapolis and St. Paul