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Gotta vent here. Three times this week a patient or family member who was looking for more and more benefits added to their (already insured and covered and provided for) health care needs told me "THIS IS WHY WE NEED... Read More

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    Quote from lynnintn
    The public does NOT understand what universal health care really is. Due to disability and unemployment, my children and I have had to go on TNCARE, Tennessee's Medicaid program. I am thankful to have some type of coverage, but the reality is that preventive care/services are covered and specialist care barely took 3 months to get my son in to see a dermatologist after getting the run around w/his PCP for 6 months and I finally got my rheumatologist referral, after waiting 3 months to get my PCP physical, and I cannot be seen until June, 5 months away! Mind you, I have RA and have been under the care of a rheumatologist 4-6 times per year for 6 years-I haven't seen one in 11 months as I lost my COBRA coverage a year ago.

    I imagine Universal Health Care will be something like what I have...and it sucks!

    It should. Tennessee has about the highest number of people on Medicaid in the nation. In fact so many that people aren't even allowed to opt out of the health exchange (which controls costs by eliminating redundant tests and diagnostics by making the full record of all encounters available to majority of providers) and the people didn't protest because they knew TNCARE was on the verge of collapsing. my point, the private sector so many of you shout for clearly wasn't working in that bastion of redness in Tennessee. So tell me, where were the free market wonderful private solutions? Seems like (and THIS is a shocker) health insurance companies do indeed like to cherry-pick their policy holders and poor people in TN ain't on the list. Nobody could afford private insurance. So maybe those "Obama care" exchanges make sense after all.

    And speaking of, where IS the personal responsibility? TN has one of the highest smoking rates in the nation.
    If welfare recipients can be drug tested with passage required for the benefit than surely it's time to test Kentucky, the Carolinas and TN for evidence of tobacco use in effort to at least somewhat stop socializing their irresponsible choices onto responsible hard-working taxpayers.

    Understand I'm not advocating for any of this. But I do ask people to practice what they preach. I'm sick and tired of the red state mantra, states that have survived off of the tax dollars of blue states throughout most of history, just having to listen to them give lectures to the rest of us on freeloading and welfare is nauseatingly hypocritical.

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    Romney care is a disaster because it isn't financially viable but not because of your insistance that mobs of people are rushing to get as much free healthcare as they can.

    Romney, as always, tried to play both sides. Today he's an uber-rightwinger. But when he's campaigning (in Mass), he's a moderate centrist guy and is going to put a healthcare plan in place, but then he's a rightwinger again when it comes from exempting all big business to pay into it.

    In effect, what he did was RELIEVE the tax burden of big business that formerly had to carry health plans for their employees, let them shirk it onto the state while exempting them from paying for it and leaving the already overstrapped, hardworking taxpayers to pick up the slack. Talk about socialism indeed!
    Of course they were not the ones with the means to absorb it - if you haven't noticed consumer discretionary income has been on the decline for a long time now.

    Of course by the time this was evident to everyone ole Mitt had left someone else holding the bag. Puhlleeze, at all costs, keep him away from the Presidency!

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