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  1. by   shermrn
    In this discussioon it's important to realize that the American public has gotten exactly what it deserves. Sure it's easy to blame the government for our problems but the real blame lies with the voting public. Too many Americans have no idea how the government or the economy works or any concept of what is in the constitution except for touting an amendment or two they like. The general population of this country has failed to hold politicians accountable over the years and that's why we are in the mess we are in. While it's easy to blame one party or another the real blame lies with the general public who are largely ignorant of the issues and vote for whoever the media tells them to. How many Americans even bother to vote any more, how many do any real research into the issues and the politicians before casting their votes? How many of you who are so passionate in this discussion are involved in anyway with your local government, how many of you have a copy of the constitution, how many have actually read it?
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  2. by   hodgieRN
    The rich may pay more than 70% of the taxes, but that money was made by subsides, laying off the middle class, and lobbying congress in their favor. I would have no problem paying 80% of my taxes right now if I wanted to snag 500 million dollars from other laying off other people and preying on the middle class. Paying 30% on $35,000 is different than paying 30% on 100 million.

    A mother on welfare who buys booze is not really a handout. A millionaire who get tax breaks and subsides is the real handout. I find it interesting when people say we should get rid of handouts. Wouldn't you be suggesting that the rich shouldn't be getting tax breaks? I wish they would say what they mean to say and stop being cowardly. You want to stop handouts to the poor while the rest keep the shady deals with the off shore accounts.

    We wouldn't have so many people on welfare or have a huge deficit if we weren't told a lie about Irag having WMD's. However, private contractors and defense investors made a lot of money from the war. If someone can say that Obama is growing the deficit because of a golf trip, well...Obama wouldn't be able to play enough golf in this lifetime to equal the cost of one day of operations in Irag. The primaries talked about welfare and spending, but mainly left the war aspect out.

    As far as Healthcare reform, not Obamacare, but Healthcare reform, I can see both sides on some of the arguments. But, something had to done to deal with rising healthcare costs, insurance premiums, and the number of uninsured americans. Maybe now, healthcare providers might be able to actually get paid for their services instead dealing with pts on self pay, who don't pay. This is where someone throws in the handout term, but practically no one can pay for a $100,000 hospital bill. I don't understand how people can deny everything on healthcare reform and the only counter suggestion is a voucher program to the companies that are part of the problem. Insurance companies lobbied against the public option because it would affect their quarterly statements, not because it wasn't the best way to help america.