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Teachers, Police, Firefighters, Military, Government City/State and Nursing. What do they all have in common? Early Retirement Benefits! Whoopsies...all except for nursing. Whatsup with THAT.... Anyone?... Read More

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    Quote from lkulmann
    So how do nurses become their own entity OR State employees OR employed through an Agency in each State for all nursing positions in that State. Trying to think outside the box a little. I feel like we need some unity and protection. Doctors have organizations that are functional. I know that there are nurses organizations but I'm not sure that they are functional. Anyone?
    Unfortunately, the current trend is away from traditional pension and retirement plans, even for public/municipal employees. I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but I doubt there is anything nursing could do, even organized, to get traditional pensions and early retirement programs at this point in time. Even many states and municipalities (and the military, as SoldierNurse noted) are doing away with their traditional pension/retirement programs; long-time employees still have them, but newer hires are getting 403b-type voluntary contribution programs.

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    There are national nursing groups, the NNU (National Nurses United) that are beginning to try to join together the nursing unions across the country. Hospitals/administrators HATE unions and will go to great lengths to prevent well as punish those who try.
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    My thinking is this...nursing is a strenuous job and I think that 25yrs and we're done. Full pension/ benefits etc... then pursue a second. Career or do public health or pose for whatever or do nothing. We seasoned nurses pass down our knowledge to the new nurses instead of eating our young. Management gets new fresh thinkers and on an on...with obamacare, we don't need employee benefits...
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    I couldn't have planned it better...
    This union needs members and nurses need unity....tadaaaa!
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    Unions are characterized as greedy, organized-crime thugs, and as such have lost favor with the public. More and more states have become right-to-work(for less) and are stripping away rights to bargain for better working conditions. So good luck convincing corporations who must maximize profits to hand over pensions to anyone.
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    Well the way I see it is on a national level. If you need nurses you need to agree to the union bylaws...almost like an Agency nurse.
    So, I live in CT. I contact the union to see who's hiring. Hospitals, nursing homes and all healthcare facilities deal directly with the union. So they say XYZ has xyz position. You apply you get the job and all that comes with it. Unions would focus on complaints, working conditions, benefits, and many other perks.
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    Quote from Violach
    The people you mentioned all have great benefits because they are public employees and taxpayers foot the bill.
    And not all of them have 'great benefits.' My wife is a public school teacher and her district has decent benefits but nothing great (e.g. no family medical, no retirement medical...), and substantially worse than the nurses at our local HMO (who do have a defined benefit pension).
    Not all unionized employees receive pensions, ie. private industry employees.
    Some private industry employees do have defined-benefit pensions negotiated by their unions... case in point: Longshoremen and some of the big utilities... I had one at my first engineering employer.
    My husband is an airline pilot, unionized - no pension.
    Some airlines do, some don't... The legacies all did and still pull out of to PBGC.
    His union negotiates work rules, hourly pay, rest periods, etc.
    And they negotiate from a position of power not held by any public employee unions... specifically, under the railroad regulations, they operate under the terms of their last contract until a new contract is negotiated. Unless they go bankrupt (when the PBGC kicks in, of course), the pilots never have a contract worse than their last one since the airline cannot unilaterally change the terms under federal law.
    It depends on the industry and whether it is in the public/private sector.
    But again, while becoming more rare, there are still private pensions out there... only with the largest companies, though, and generally only those with significant unions.
    Personally, I have an issue with government employees being unionized, but I'll save that for another day.
    Don't blame the workers for asking, blame the management for giving...
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    I don't understand much of anything about pensions, retirement, social security.

    When I was a young adult I assumed I and my husband would work, live within our means, save what we could, and, baring unforeseen circumstances, take care of ourselves in our "old age", i.e., retirement.

    Honest to God I thought social security was only for people who needed aid, I knew taxes were taken out of my paycheck but thought that money was for those in need, not for my retirement.

    Consequently my husband and I still live modestly, have a lot of money in our retirements accounts, and are doing fine thank you very much.

    Just saying......?

    PS I am a fiscally conservative bleeding heart democrat. I would be happy to have social security be means tested.
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    Soooo...early retirement pension...nurses should be eligible for the serve 20-25yrs and you are DONE pension. It would remedy several chronic problems in our profession. Competitiveness will never go away but it wouldn't be so passive aggressive. Old washed up nurse managers can go...give new nurses and seasoned nurses opportunities to keep the profession up to date and progressive. Nurses could share their knowledge and experience freely and not worry that she will be replaced by newer nurses who have a more up to date education etcetera.. Nurses need to unite and unionized. There is power in numbers.
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    Because nobody wants a good nurse to retire, especially early!

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