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    Quote from Katie82
    It's immoral to continue to subsidize insurers. Mandates to purchase insurance are wrong because they've failed to control costs and expand coverage every time they've been tried. How much longer will we allow the pain and suffering and death from preventable illness continue when we know there is a solution?
    Who do you think is going to be doing all the work for Universal Healthcare? The Federal Government is not going to get into the business of being healthcare provider. They don't do it now, CMMS is primarily a policy-making agency for Medicare/Medicaid. The actual hands-on administration is done through outsourcing, like with BCBS. They will do the same for universal healthcare, and will turn to the organizations who are doing the work now. The profits won't be as high, but no one at these insurance companies will starve.
    Maybe some of them will retrain in health professions. Some may become nurses.
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