Let's call it what it is....

  1. We nurses who are going through increased patient ratios, unsafe environment, scared to lose our jobs, paranoid to talk about it, love nursing but not the BS budget crap excuse to put us and our patients at risk, getting that knot in our stomach the day before we go back to work with interrupted sleep....How many of you are going through this?

    We are too scared when we really should recognize how many of us are going through this and have the strength to change it. To be able to focus on our patients fully and critically think in due time and read all about them and what the doctors want and to be able to help the MD's do their job while being able to nourish our own bodies with fluids and sustenance during the day with reasonable support in order to care for ourselves so that we can totally care for our patients. I don't want to see nurses become victims psychologically or physiologically.
  2. Poll: Who feels that patient ratios are unsafe/and workplace hostile?

    • Do you feel coworkers are on your side with complaints?

      54.55% 6
    • Do you feel overworked/underpaid

      45.45% 5
    • Do you feel like you can totally care for your client/patient?

      27.27% 3
    • Do you feel management is not caring for nurses?

      45.45% 5
    • Do you feel like you want to leave nursing?

      54.55% 6
    • Do you like where you work?

      45.45% 5
    • Is your hospital unionized?

      18.18% 2
    • Do you trust your union?

      18.18% 2
    • Do you think there is a nursing shortage?

      9.09% 1
    • Do you think you have power to change your environment?

      27.27% 3
    • Do you think nursing is a family-friendly job?

      9.09% 1
    • Do you think nursing is healthy for you physically?

      18.18% 2
    • Do you think nursing is healthy for your mentally?

      36.36% 4
    • Do you have the support you need as a new nurse?

      18.18% 2
    • Do you have the support you need as an experienced nurse for further ed?

      18.18% 2
    • Does your hospital give you clear direction?

      9.09% 1
    • Does your management give you the environment to support their expectations of you?

      18.18% 2
    • Do you feel like you have to take shortcuts in order to get your job done?

      45.45% 5
    • Do you feel like you are in an environment that fosters unsafe practice and no support?

      36.36% 4
    • Do you want change?

      54.55% 6
    11 Votes / Multiple Choice
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  4. by   sneeds
    I just learned this new polling tool. Maybe with help from you, a new poll can be created. Maybe surveymonkey.com link. My poll above doesn't give yes or no options.
  5. by   SleeepyRN
    Great questions. I think these questions should get put out everywhere possible and then the results published somewhere. Attention needs to be raised regarding these issues and brought as high up the chain as possible. Not just in the workplace, but our state, our federal government.... I just don't know how. I feel powerless.
  6. by   sneeds
    me too. That's why I just had to post this.
  7. by   ybanurse
    I'm going through hell right now on my job because of politics. Please try to get this poll out there its the same thing Iv'e been saying tor years . Management keeps pushing more and more on us and its unsafe for the patients!
  8. by   SuzieVN
    How is this country going to cope with the avalanche of old people as patients? Things just get worse for nurses every day now, but the bomb is about to explode.
  9. by   sneeds
    I just read this post: Political Hope for Bedside Nurses.
    Sounds like an interesting read. I'm really shocked by how many nurses are out there and how little organize to stand up. Probably too tired and, in this economy, worried about job security. But if one person stands up they may get fired, if 5 people stand up, they too, may get fired, but if a 100's and 1000's stand up, we can make changes.
  10. by   forrester
    I hope you do buy the book and read it. Every nurse should.
    It talks about political empowerment, how we are not alone, and how we can do something about it.

    It uses a concrete example of bedside nurses who DID rise up and change their world. No, we can't do it alone, but there are 3 million of us, and we should all have an obligation to work together.

    The book also presents WHY we are having such difficulties.

    Knowledge is power.
  11. by   forrester
    I'll be very interested to see how your poll works out.