Is health care a "right" - page 9

Now that the affordable care act is rolling out I wonder if we should revisit this notion. AND (maybe more particularly) if it is a right, is the federal government the best instrument to provide it.... Read More

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    It's a fact. And WOW- how is THIS economy here working for you? You can't be one of the 1000's in AN looking for ways to find a job, eh?

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    Quote from mlbluvr
    Not only 'out for myself', but are we actually hearing nurses in this forum advocate that not everyone is entitled to health care, which provides our very occupations? Like tewdles said in another post: Wow.BTW tewdles- you remind me of Elizabeth Warren, Rock Star A#1. Super smart, unflinching and unyielding, and beautifully spoken.
    Twedles apparently no longer posts here on AN...
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    Quote from shermrn
    I hope this is sarcasm. Otherwise it's pretty scary.

    I get the impression many Americans want the US to become like Europe, take a look at their economy and how well that's all working out.
    We don't want to be like anybody but Americans.
    We just want better access to our health care, at reasonable cost, and with better outcomes.
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