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Has anyone been following this? Virginia just passed a law that requires any woman who wishes an abortion must have an ultrasound (and pay for it) prior to the abortion. Since most of these are done... Read More

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    Very tiny, very remote increase in risk, much less than the risks fo actually giving birth. The intent of this is to invade women's bodies, shame them, and drive up the cost of abortion by severl hundred $$ to push it further out of reach of poor women.

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    This particular kind of US is a new practice. Why aren't we leaving it up to the doctor to decide whether a transvaginal approach is needed? This is being done simply to be invasive, to shame women, and to drive up the costs. It is cruel, humiliating, and unnecessary.
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    Wrong. There are multiple ways to determine gestational age well before the time limit; this is not the only one, and while somewhat more accurate, not enough to warrant its invasiveness and cost. Again, the intent of this bill is to humiliate women, and to make the process take longer and cost more.
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    Quote from cat013

    Yeah, sure. Meet Sen. Jill Vogel, undoubtedly a man in disguise. Just wonder what all these children have to do with her... sorry, HIS "informed consent" bill.
    Eh, women have been oppressing other women about as long men have been oppressing other men.
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    The ultrasound apparently is worse than what's being discussed here, the article linked below is from a mother who had to endure the play-by-play during a pre abortion ultrasound of her very ill baby.

    Additionally, for those who think that the anti-choice legislation is just about religious ideals, remember that money talks. The adoption lobbyists group is one of the largest groups pushing their agenda on representatives... less abortions equal more Adoptable babies for the adoption machine. Its sad all around that women's healthcare choices are in the hands of politicians rather than medical professionals.
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    Oh man, just have to link to one more article. Its quite refreshing
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    Quote from dzadzey
    These issues are not about "protecting" anyone. Once a baby is born,as far as these squits are concerned the mother and child are on their own. The stated purpose of these bills is so women can see the "life" they are "ending" and thus realize the magnitude of of what they are about to do. In essence, they are calling women stupid. I know women who have had abortions, and they realized the import of their actions before taking this step. They were victims of rape, failed birth control, or there were profound and life threatening birth defects as revealed by amniocentesis and ultrasound. It wasn't for convenience as these idiots claim. Their sole and unstated goal is the control of drive them back into the kitchen where they are to and pregnant. They are locked in a mindset that tells them women are chattel, failing to understand that view died when women finally got the right to vote.
    The reverse can also be true when someone insinuates to a pregnant woman that she is too stupid to carry a baby to term and make plans for it to live. I think there are abortions done on mothers who were excited to be pregnant until someone got themselves in the middle of it either/or, they got the wrong people in the middle of it.

    "If I had known you were pregnant, I would have told you to have an abortion," say the relatives of a perfect baby.
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    Quote from Esme12
    I think it's bullying, guilt provoking and terrorizing someone into decision they don't want but intimidating them in a frightening and vulnerable time. Making this decision isn't easy for a majority of women, but forcing them to "listen to the babies heartbeat" and have a probe shoved up their "private parts" is invasive and threatening. It is forcing one person's beliefs upon someone else. With all the shouting and posturing about "rising healthcare costs" to force any medical treatment on ANYONE is a violation of one's rights. ANYTIME Government begins to be able to dictate someones personal and private decisions is a slippery slope down a dangerous and scary path. I would rather have someone choose abortion than give birth and abuse their child.

    It angers me and scares me at the same time.
    I have seen authority figures who bully, guilt-trip and terrorize mothers into aborting babies as well.
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    What setting are you working in where you see all this abuse of pregnant women?
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