Detroit Area Nurses Wages Class action suit

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    Any information regarding the Detroit Area Nurses Wages class action suit?
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    detroit nurse wage lawsuit settlement
    if you were employed as a registered nurse by a hospital in the detroit area between december 12, 2002 and december 12, 2006, you could be entitled to benefits from three class action lawsuit settlements. the settlements resolve a lawsuit that alleged eight detroit-area hospitals conspired to keep down rn compensation and regularly exchanged detailed information about current and future rn compensation in an effort suppress rn wages. both charges violate federal antitrust law.....
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    thanks for the info, I have that website, was hoping to hear something about the Sept. 2010 court hearing.
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    Wow- that is pretty amazing, a little sickening, but not that surprising. I'm impressed that the nurses won the class action suit!
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    No, cat, this is not one nurse, it is a group of nurses affected by the largest hospitals in the Detroit area.Hospitals banded together to restrict wages. Betcha it is happening everywhere!
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    of course it happens all over - and not just in hospitals. But they'd like you to think it's evil if the workers band together to increase wages.
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    It's almost a year later and I thought I read that three hospitals, including St. John, agreed to a settlement on this lawsuit. What is happening or what has happened to such a settlement? I'm hoping no money has changed hands between St. John and the lawyers because I don't know of any of my colleagues having heard or received anything from the lawyers. Any chance anyone knows of any progress?
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    It's 2014 and I wondering if anyone received compensation? I sent a letter out requesting information and they told me they never received my claim form. I know 100% I sent the claim form well before the deadline! Has anybody had the same issues?