Could Obamacare cause a shortage in nursing again - page 19

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I would really like to know how you believe Obama care will affect the medical field and be honest. I would expect that it would create more jobs but the work would be very tiring. There would be no 3/12 but 4/12 or 3/15 with... Read More

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    I'm surprised more nurses aren't contemplating this knowing that their jobs could be on line.

    Who says they're not contemplating it? No one knows for sure yet. Hospitals have used all sorts of changes in health care coverage over the years to their advantage. Obamacare, or, more correctly, the ACA, would hardly be the first to adversely affect nursing's future.
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    Have any nurses seen any Obamacare patients yet??? Pay cuts??? anything different??? Please if you see any change in the nursing field due to Obamacare please update us.
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    We have let go of over 20 nurses, because of the drop in census. Many people are so unclear on if they have insurance or not...they are not opting for elective surgeries.