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2004 Presidental Election

  1. 0 Dear Fellow Nurses, I hope you are registered to vote this Nov2. It could be the most critical vote in your working lifetime. Review the parties platforms on their differences and there are many.I write you as a vietnam era veteran(also a nurse).The choice of a candidate is simple-if you are satisfied with this current administration's direction for the USA-vote them in for 4 more years.If you want a change of course-you have two other choices.My personal thoughts-first as a vet, I have seen our VA Med Ctr. drastically underfunded-resulting in nursing shortages, longer wait times,some vet's catagories changed where they cannot receive care at all. The situation in Iraq,the greatest US tactical error since Viet-Nam,has worsened and soon we will see 1000 good young guys-- dead, never to enjoy their husbands, wives or children. Not far from my condo-a few days ago-I watched the news in horror as a young father,who having been told his first born son had just been killed in Iraq, torched the Marine Messenger's van with gasoline and set it on fire and himself in the process and I as I watched the horrific scene unfold. This has to end!!!:angryfire The next most important consideration(for me) is the economy--my auto, homeowner's and health insurance has soared 20%-40% in the last 3 years. Gas and diesel fuel for my cars has skyrocketed and still climbing. The national debt in jan 2001 was a negative -we had a surplus of $5 Trillion dollars--now 3 short years later-we have a $5trillion deficit. China finances our national debt. Next Terrorism-we left Afganistan-home of Osama Bin Laden-in pursuit of an unclear objective in Iraq. And Bin Laden remains free to plan more attacks on us. Outsourcing-untold 1000's of job losses-if affects us as nurses-Some radiologists are sending our xrays,via the internet, to foreign medical offices-where they are read-then the results returned via the internet-to the US Doc. I don't know about you-but I want my xrays read here, in the USA. There are many reasons to vote this year and Thanks for reading some of mine. Mike
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    Wow. Very well said, and i'm very impressed that not only did you NOT put down any candidates, you didn't even mention and of their names and still got a very good point across. Very impressive and mature. Excellent post.
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    Just a quick clarifacation, VA budgets has not been cut in fact it has gone UP over 10 BILLION dollars over the last 2 years and this year also it id going up 2.4 billion more.

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    Quote from Dplear
    Just a quick clarifacation, VA budgets has not been cut in fact it has gone UP over 10 BILLION dollars over the last 2 years and this year also it id going up 2.4 billion more.

    Adjusted for inflation it is down in actual dollars,due to this-they have tryed to reclassify myself,my brother in law and several friends out of the VA Ststem and out of our care. Mike.Sadly I speak from experience. Abraham Lincoln -said as he created the VA Medical System--the reason-"To care for the Veteran for his Wounds occurred in Battle in defense of our Country" Nothing there about classifying vets out of the system. Take those Iraq Billions and there is plenty of money for VA care.-Mike