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I was written up for having too many occurences because I was out with back issues and had epidurals. I have never been written up for anything ever in 20+ working years. They say I did not qualify for FMLA. What do you do? ... Read More

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    inforn43, I am not sure who you were referring to with "REAL PAIN". I have been in healthcare for over 25 years and believe me I know "REAL PAIN". I have had enough back pain and nerve pain to last a lifetime. I wouldn't have had 2 back surgeries and multiple ESI's unless I was in pain.

    I "worked the system the best I could through all this and I followed the rules. It has been 1 1/2 years since my last ESI and so far so good. It has been a long road and I am finally in a new job and doing well so far. I am not sure what I should have done different but I hope I never have to go over a year without permanent employment again.
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