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  1. I am a pre nursing student, currently (at least, that's what the school calls me - I can apply for the program itself this winter). I worked for two months in a Nursing Residence in dietary before I took a fall there. I have a herniated disk and severe bursitis in both hips. I can't stand for more than a couple hours without intense pain, currently, and often am scared to work at all. I go to PT and see specialists consistently, and the next step is cortisone. I am considering a less physical job while I'm pursuing my nursing degree in hopes that this will help with healing - along with an active lifestyle outside of work.

    I have this small fear that this is going to affect my career choice, but I'm refusing to give up. If anyone has been in this position though, I would love some input. I've always been active, never had problems like this until my fall - and they're probably dropping my comp soon -

    Does this seem like a good thing? I mean, this would give me years to work with this and manage the pain so it seems smart to me, and because I can barely work in my current job, my priorities are shifting to the financial burdens of now.

    Also, has anyone had cortisone shots? My doctor has assured me there are no long term effects but I've read and heard many different things.

    I don't know, I guess the past few months have made me a little skittish, I guess I just keep pushing through and try to get stronger. I hate missing work because I love the residents there but I guess I'm just paranoid that this is never gunna go away.

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  3. by   CNA2day
    I injured my back initially in June of 08. It sorta healed, but a long car ride in Feb 09 I re injured it. I was treating it with chiropractic which helped for a little bit (like a day or two) but then I was right back to where I was before. By the end of March I was miserable and had a hard time sitting at work all day (worked at a call center). On my lunch breaks I would go lay flat on my back in my truck because that was the only way to get some relief. I went into the doctor and eventually went to a specialist about June. The MRI revealed a herniated disk at L5-S1 and L4-L5 bulging. The specialist ordered PT... which did not help. I did have a tens unit that did provide some relief while I was wearing it. The PT reccomended that I get a second opinion from a surgeon, which I went to. He said the only reason he would not do surgery was because I was 20 years old. So I went back to the guy that sent me to PT and said this is NOT working. HE sent me to get a cortizone shot in that disk. The cortizone shot helped EMENSLY. Before the shot my left leg was ALWAYS numb, numb to the point where I really hurt my ankle from rolling it because I was not aware of where I was putting my foot... the pain and swelling in my back decreased emensly and I was able to go back living my life instead of just going to work and comming home exhausted and trying to sleep (though frequently interupted by pain).

    Try the cortizone shot.
    I also changed jobs after I was feeling a little better, I am now a CNA and all the walking has helped me IMENSLY!
    I still have pain in my back and occasional numbness but nothing that I am going to complain about since I know how much worse it would be.
    I am VERY VERY careful, I do not lift incorrectly, I ALWAYS make sure that i wear my back brace (makes a huge difference also), I do not do things that will create a lot of pressure there, like jumping off of things. I do not twist when I lift, I try not to twist at all really....

    The cortizone shot is still working and it has been 6 months... I pray I never need another one.

    They say that cortizone can eat away the muscle if used long term.

    I did have a complication from the injection, they punctured an area that caused me to leak spinal fluid which was making it so i could not stand up without passing out and shaking. I had to go back in a get a blood patch, but that fixed it. The doc said he has heard of that as a side effect but had never seen it happen before.

    If this makes no sence I am soo sorry but I am really sleep deprived! LOL
  4. by   Jules A
    Personally I think there are times when we need to be realistic about our limitations. Having a dream doesn't mean that it is appropriate. Please consider your well being and abilities as you decide on a career. Good luck.