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Hi All! I am a senior at a top 20 university that has always been passionate about healthcare, but especially nursing. However, I reluctantly let go of my dream to be a nurse because I was... Read More

  1. by   rednotebook
    You all are lovely! If I ever become a nurse, it will be because of you guys. Also, if any of you reading this thread have a disability or limitation this book seems so interesting: It's called "Leave No Nurse Behind" and was written by one of the nurses behind the site.

    Leave No Nurse Behind: Nurses Working with disAbilities: Donna Maheady ARNP EdD: 9780595396498: Books
  2. by   garrett99
    hello, I am 16 years old and i was born with amniotic band syndrome as well. My high school offers a program that allows me to go half a day to go to nursing homes and get my CNA license, however, im experiencing the same doubt and questions you are. I was just wondering if you got gloves that fit, and where. Also if you followed your dream.
  3. by   Laydiiluv
    Thank God someone else has the same problem far as the gloves go. Difference is on my left hand my index finger and thumb is regular size, the rest are all small. Right hand it's my middle finger that's regular size and thumb. I'm thankful, but at the same time I hate it because it's stopping me from things I want to do that includes using gloves.
  4. by   pammck
    I literally cried when I read your post. My daughter is applying to nursing school and has amniotic banding which affects her fingers as well. We were just talking today about gloves not fitting. I have no doubt that she can do the job in her own way but gloves is our major concern so that she CAN do her job safely and effectively. I'm so curious as to how you are handling all of this and what you decided and so forth.
  5. by   hppygr8ful
    This company makes custom medical grade gloves for hand deformities I have no idea what they cost but it may be worth cehecking out
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