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Hi, I want to know what the other options are for someone with a nursing degree but no license. Not a revoked license, just if someone were to be denied licensure for like an impairment (physical or mental). Can you get a... Read More

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    Yes! I am actually, while trying to get approval and everything, working a summer position with a food bank. That is public health even if I am not giving shots or helping with exams or screenings or something like that (food is a basic need and food insecurity/poverty leads to malnutrition.Then, there's the other aspect of ensuring healthy foods for these clients to prevent diabetes and obesity). But, this is not a permanent position and I really want my license. I want to work my way up the ladder and get higher education. I was just not sure how people would view it as a person with a nursing degree but no license.

    I was told to lie to the Board and I said "no thank you!" because I would rather disclose and them approve me, even if it takes more effort, knowing my illness than to lie and something happen down the road and it come back to bite me. I am not planning to become ill or anything; but I am young, so I have no idea what the future holds. I plan on staying with treatment, so it shouldn't be too much of a problem; but I am not a risk taker. I was almost in tears when I read the letter that my health care provider was going to send to the Board. I am trying to remain hopeful that all is not lost.

    I will have to let you guys know what happens in the long run. Like I said, I had seen many posts about what to do with a nursing degree after revoked license due to criminal activity; but nothing about possible denial of licensure due to impairment (impairment is mental or physical illness) and what to do with the degree. I would imagine that would change things.

    I am glad that there is hope that I can still do something in public health no matter what the outcome.
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    So, I couldn't get my doctor to change the letter. It will have to be sent in as is and hope and pray for the best. I am going to try and consult with someone who knows people at the board to get their take on it. Unfortunately, my doctor told me even with tx, he won't change the letter and that he didn't think I wanted to be a nurse. My heart broke. I never thought that someone else would decide my future. I will include what he said in my appeal; but I worked my tail off through school. I think there is the possibility of doing something like health educator if I get denied; if it that is possible without a nursing license. I will eventually go on for my Master's in Public Health and PhD. But, for right now, I can only hope for the best.

    I will disclose that I actually have a mental illness. This whole experience is making me want to be more of an advocate for my patients, especially those with mental illness. They are as good as anyone else and deserve to be what they want to be. I am going to continue through treatment for myself, so I don't have future problems. Right now though, my heart just hurts.
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    ok, so, update. I called the lovely board. I asked them about denial for a suicide attempt. They take it on a case by case basis. Nothing is an automatic denial; as long as you are in treatment for whatever disorder, they will take that into consideration and approve you. My heart has been mended. I think I might actually have a chance at the licensure after all.

    And actually, the way she made it sound, I disclosed something that maybe I didn't have to. Oh well, better safe than sorry.
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    ^Good. I kind of thought that you seemed awfully intent on making a mountain out of a molehill.

    There's a great thread in this same forum dedicated to nurses with mood disorders. Drop on in, y'know?

    (Personal side note, I really think that there's no reason to disclose a mental illness unless you have a forced commitment -- because that could possibly show up on a background check. I get that you wanted to be truthful but, like the person that you spoke to, there really is no particular reason to disclose a suicide attempt and presumably history of depression/anxiety. You're not an actively hallucinating schizophrenic.)
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    I agree with dirtyhippiegirl. I would not have disclosed this to the Board in the first place. Not that you can go back in time and undisclose it, but in the future there's really no reason to. You said the question asked about any physical or mental impairments that would affect one's ability to be safe. I would have said no and let it be. I wouldn't necessarily view a history of depression or a suicide attempt as something that would affect a nurse's ability to safely care for her patients. Active substance abuse/alcoholism or untreated schizophrenia are things I'd place in that category. I'm of the mindset that I don't disclose anything unless absolutely necessary though- I have several medical diagnoses that I've never even disclosed to my mother!
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    Thanks. I think I may have misunderstood it to read do you have a mental illness/physical illness, which could interfere with your ability...I thought it was saying do you have a mental/physical illness? And then further explaining that if so, disclose because a mental illness could cause possible impairment. I don't know how to explain other than that.

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