Nurses with chronic back pain

  1. Not a disability, but a chronic problem......

    I've had low back pain, on & off, for a few years now. But just lately, I've noticed when I first get out of bed, is when the discomfort is at its worse. I'm wondering if a new mattress would help. So I thought I'd ask here if anyone has an opinion if a firm mattress or a soft mattress would help?

    Anyone with chronic low back pain got any "home-made remedies" ??
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  3. by   HangTen!
    Yoga! I am still floored at the relief I obtained, and I have hardware as well. You are denying yourself if you don't give it a good go. Best wishes!
  4. by   tothepointeLVN
    I'm not a nurse yet but a couple of years ago I was having back pain and what really helped me was realizing that my arches had fallen ( I used to have high arches when I was a dancer and looked at them one day and realized they were almost flat) I then stopped wearing ballet flats as much and switched into stability running shoes (there are three kinds stability, motion control and neutral) and then also getting off the rack orthotics for my other shoes. What a relief.
  5. by   Tait
    I have chronic low back pain, but I also have a compressed L4/L5 disk which is the culprit.

    Chiropractics, PT, ice and Aleve are my allies.
  6. by   woody62
    I am S/P L4-5 and C4-5, 5-6, 6-7 laminectomy. I suffered my first low back injury back in the early 1970's. I have always slept on an extra firm mattress, which has helped me. I also went to physical therapy. And I also swim four times a day and do a series of exercise daily. If you have a good chiro, use him. But do not expect his to realign your spine. If you have a protruding or herniated disc, he cannot correct them.

  7. by   quetepye
    yoga, heating pad, relaxation. if i'm stressed, i know it first in my back.
  8. by   lpnornot
    Did these injuries occur from working as Nurses. I've been reading horror stores about musculoskeletal injuires in the field of Nurisng.

    Teh professionals say if you don't lift more than 35lbs, do so with proper body mechanics. If you get assistance and use mechanical devices with heavier weghts,injuires can be prevented. But what is is like in the real world these days. Is it possible to be a nurses and not get hurt. I want to start out as LPN.
  9. by   nightmare
    I bought a 'memory foam' topper for my mattress and the difference is really marked.I no longer get up in the morning stiff and sore.If you are deciding to buy a new mattress then one of these might be a consideration but the whole mattress in memory foam is quite expensive.