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I have suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome since I was very little (around maybe 7 years old or so). I am 20 now, 21 in September. I am starting at IUPUI for pre-nursing in the Fall, and hope... Read More

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    Thanks for the links! I too worry about prolonged use of my IBS medications but I hesitate to go back to the miserable state I was in last winter...

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    I've had horrid IBS since I was 9. It comes and goes in phases for me. When I'm super stressed, my intestines pretty much take over and ruin my life. I take lots of immodium and levsin (Rx) and i keep my levsin with me when i am working, because you will never know when you really need it. I also take ginger for nausea because it doesn't cause constipation that zofran does. Regular exercise does helps and yoga; I like to think that it "tones the intestinal tract" Taking a good probiotic may offer some occasional help. Yes, and stay away from gluten. Most of us IBS suffers react to gluten and dairy also.

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