I'm always tired

  1. Hey everyone,

    Well, it seems that everytime I need to sit down and study i feel so tired! I've thought about getting on meds but no dr. will prescribe. Does anyone have any tips on maintaining stamina and energy throughout my studies?

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  3. by   ghillbert
    Meds for what? Is there a "pep" pill?! Heh.

    If you've been checked out medically and you're ok, I guess the old standbys are good diet and exercise to improve your energy, as well as getting enough quality sleep.
  4. by   want to do good 86
    lolol i was thinking about provigil but my doc said no because i'm not a narcoleptic.
  5. by   LPN&momof3
    Quote from want to do good 86
    lolol i was thinking about provigil but my doc said no because i'm not a narcoleptic.
    Are you only tired when you sit down to study or are you tired all the time? Have you had your Vit D level checked? I was always tired before I had mine tested and found that I was deficient. Since I started taking Vit D and my levels are back where they should be now I better. My husband's was also low and he started taking Vit D and he is also a lot better. This is just my experience, I am not trying to offer medical advice just wondering if you had your level test as a possible cause to your fatigue. At least in my area many doctors don't think to check vit D levels.
  6. by   sasha2lady
    How young are you ? What are your daily stressors and how can you cut back on them ? I am 26 but when I was 20 I was struck with over 6 mos of constant flu like symptoms nausea loss of appetite insomnia extreme fatigue headaches and more . I had no kids and wasn't married at the time. I just worked ft as a cna. I finally went to a doc and had tests for HIV ra CBC electrolytes etc and an MRI and stomach ultrasounds all showed Nothing . He rx zoloft which did absolutely nothing for me and I quit taking it. He said it was supposed to lift my energy . He dx me with chronic fatigue syndrome . Nursing school forced me to go forward. I had to get up and get rest and eat better in order to survive school. I could sleep 4 or 16 hrs and feel like I hadn't slept in days. Now I'm a nurse with a 2 yr old and a hubby holding down a fulltime job . I'm busy all the time but I feel better than I did when I was 20 . I think finding balance is a key factor get your family to help out while you study and don't forget to laugh and just cut up sometimes. It helps.
  7. by   Michelle123
    I just spent a few hours in the ED recently due to dizziness etc. Turns out my Hb was 92. My Ferritin was 5!

    To be perfectly honest, I haven't been taking good care of myself. I have a hubby who runs his own business, and two kids, one whom I am still breastfeeding, so I can sympathise with you.

    Have you thought about taping yourself, and listening to the readings that way? Or what I would do is talk about it with my daughter (she was 3 at the time) I took her through the whole GI system and explained how everything worked.

    We would listen to bowl sounds together and everything.

    If you are more of an "active" learner be creative in how you approach it.

    And take care of yourself. Are you eating properly? I now realise how important a good diet/exercise is.

    And definately as Sasha says, balance.

    Maybe go for a walk of an afternoon. Or try hitting the books at a different time, or at a different place.

    Good luck.

    Also try getting your B12 levels checked as well.
  8. by   Lacie
    As others have pointed out - get full lab work done first and go from there. Particularly your D3, Ferritin and Vit B12 levels. I self administer Vit B 12 (IM) and D3 (Sq). My levels were in the norm but very bottom level. They have now increased to the mid norm levels and I can feel the difference. TrimNutrition is where I obtain mine and everything is supplied without a rx. I have felt a tremendous increase in my energy and productivity levels since starting. Also changed my diet dramatically after I did a full body cleanse. I do yoga and cardio faithfully now also. I also take at least 15-30 min a day to find a quiet place to meditate without interruption. Literally I was wearing myself out because I wasnt doing the things I should be for my own health while concentrating on everyone elses. Before these steps I felt like a truck hit me every time I got out of bed!!! Also I learned how to tell others the biggy word - "NO".