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I was just recently diagnosed with epilepsy and due to the fact that my driver's license is suspended for 6 months because of it :cry: I will have to work night shift full time to have... Read More

  1. by   NinaGirl

    Wow it's such a relief to know there are other RNs with epilepsy out there! I have had it for 15 yrs. I have tried many drugs, most of which had side effects I just couldn't live with. Working night shift ( and even 11a-11P) has proven to be very dangerous for me. I have had at least 8 seizures since I've started working as a nurse 6 yrs ago and they were all within 12 hrs of a night or late evening shift. I really really really advise that you try to find another job during the day. I know that's easier said than done and you have decided against it... but... I don't know.

    The original post was almost a year ago_ so I hope all has been well with you and you have regained your driver's license.
  2. by   LovebugLPN
    My epilepsy became so bad that I had to go on disability and I have not gotten my drivers license back yet. I actually just started applying for nursing jobs again today after being out for a year. I haven't had a seizure in almost 5 months so I feel more then ready to go back to work. I am aiming for days though because nights were very hard on me but I will have to take what I can get right now.
  3. by   caliotter3
    The way I see it, you are going to have to fight this or go on full time disability since you have to work at night. It will be difficult but you have no other choice. If you give up, then you will be out of luck with the health insurance. Just take it one day at a time. That is about all you can do. Best wishes.
  4. by   Anise1
    I have TLE, and I am actually trying to get on the night shift because of a foot sprain that will NEVER get better with the amount of running around that we have to do on the day shift (I'm a CNA btw, not a nurse!) Are problems really so inevitable, or is it more because people don't tend to get enough sleep when they work the night shift? I never have any trouble getting to sleep or staying awake exactly when I need to, no matter what weird hours I have to keep. I don't see any problem with getting a full 8 hours every day. Also, the day shift hours have always felt so unnatural, and I think I really might do better being up all night (I've worked night shifts before.)
  5. by   desertlily
    It's reassuring to see that there are nurses out there working and managing with epilepsy. I'm a second semester student who has just been diagnosed with TLE, and am dealing with a lot of questions about my future career. I don't want to give up nursing, but at the same time it's my understanding that I can't practice unless seizures are controlled. And I won't know if they can be controlled for some time. Quite a dilemma. Hmmmm.
  6. by   Christynee
    Quote from redbeans
    i have epilepsy and i'm starting my first semester of classes in january. i have started to worry what effect that would have on my "condition", with the long hours and such. my epilepsy is under control as long as a get enough sleep and take my meds. i haven't had a seizure in 2-3 years. the only side effect i really have is my meds make me think a little slow sometimes. not often.

    i took depakote and it blew me up, i take topamax now.

    wooow ok redbeans,lol we're like the same person ha! im starting nursing school soon&im on topamax now(which i think makes me kinda slow sometimes too..also i still get headaches,twich kinda daze out...which is just annoying.) i was on depakote,which was a fail make me sick as hell. so,yes i actually just had my first seizure last saturday since 06 which sucks. i even took my damn pill. but i was drinking and didnt sleep(what a party animal) lol, but that never messed with anything before?? auhh crazy bodies!!
    well,best of luck to you! hopefully topamax holds you down better than it did me (just don't drink...everrr!!)