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I was wondering if anyone on this forum is currently or has used the VA Vocational Rehab program to go through nursing school? I am in school for my RN and looking at becoming an advanced practiced nurse (apn). I need help with... Read More

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    Quote from AA012
    At your first appointment you will most likely do a skills survey to see what career field matches your skills. What is your end goal? What do you want to do in nursing?
    I have already been accepted to graduate school this fall to become a Clinical Nurse Leader, so that is my end goal

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    Yes I did! I haven't applied to Voc Rehab yet, because I'm still unsure about the process. I would really like to know how you got approve for a MS program so early? I won't have job experience until I graduate, so I don't know if the VA will approve since I'll have some sort of job
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    I just applied for VocRehab today. I was MEB'd for PTSD at 30% back in 2006. I've wanted to be a nurse since I got out of the military, but being married to it as well we ended up in Germany. I am just now getting to school. I've learned that I was messed around my first year of college and there for basically wasted a year of my GI Bill on classes I did not need. I am now nearing the end of my Post 9/11 but probably have two years of school left. I am hoping that they will cover it. I am a little worried as we are due to PCS (final one, yay for hubby retiring) and how that will effect my ability to be awarded VocRehab.
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    Well if you PCS in the middle of schooling it may present A little delay for you because Voc Rehab is contracted with the school you are attending but you can transfer.

    I was attending Community College when I started my Voc Rehab and transferred to a University to finish my degree sooner. I had the same Case Manager though because I was in the same area.

    As far as you PCSing, you might want to ask if you will keep the same Case Manager or will they change it. Those are questions you want to find out in case you PCS out of the state to another state. Ask questions so that it won't interfere with your education.

    Good Luck and Congrats on Hubby's Upcoming Retirement.
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    I will keep that in mind. I know we will be moving out of state. Alabama just does not do it for us. I miss having 4 seasons. The plan is to move up between Maryland and Virginia and there is a good midwifery school up there. This part of military life is nerve wrecking.
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    Yes it is nerve wrecking for real. Always have to stop and start.
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    I was accepted to go back to school by VA Voc Rehab, Winston-Salem, NC but she would NOT approve me for a nursing degree & told me she would approve me for a Medical Assistant degree. WTFrack? Nothing against MA's, but I want to be a nurse practitioner so I can help my brother and sister Veterans and my community. I could never make it on a MA's salary! Plus, being a 52 yr old, white male, I doubt many doctor's offices would even consider hiring me as a medical assistant. Most of them want perky, young females running around their clinics. I am sorry if my views appear sexist, but I used to work as a non-certified medical assistant and the doctor and office manager did not like that I had my own mind and was not constantly cowering at their feet but suggesting how to make the office run better and more efficient. They fired me. So what do I do now? I feel like if I tell my counselor I do not want to pursue a degree in medical assisting that she will just boot me out of the system. She told me that due to my PTSD (rated 80%) she does not think I could handle the stress of working as a nurse! I have been working in hospitals as a health tech for almost 14 years now and most of that in the ER and Oncology! Talk about stress! I am at a loss and am depressed, feeling dejected again by the VA and their cronies.

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