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I was wondering if anyone on this forum is currently or has used the VA Vocational Rehab program to go through nursing school? I am in school for my RN and looking at becoming an advanced practiced... Read More

  1. by   jessica.rhods
    apply! As long as you can back up that you can't find work using your associates degree. It's better to apply and get denied, and then appeal, then to have never applied at all.
  2. by   gere7404
    I know this topic is kinda dead but I'm dragging it back to the top. I've got my first appointment with the counselor tomorrow. I applied and was accepted two years ago but then got a job with a VA which satisfies the program.

    fast forward and the unit I am working in was changed from an infirmary to a level 3 mental health unit with no training in mental health. My PTSD symptoms which were under control are back from the stress of dealing with such high acuity behavioral issues, and my migraines and IBS are flaring up to where I'm missing tons of work from the stress and I've been diagnosed with really bad hypertension.

    I was was hired back before the VA required CNA licensing but now that they do, I can't apply for jobs outside my unit because I don't meet the qualifications. I'm trying to convince the VRC that my job is unsuitable employment and help pay for the BSN program I start Thursday.

    hopefully he agrees that my current position is unsuitable and gaining licensure as an RN will give me more flexibility and time off as a title 38 employee. I guess I'll see tomorrow!
  3. by   gere7404
    I had 11 months of Post 9/11 GI bill left, got approved for the entirety of my BSN program to be paid for by Chapter 31. Beyond stoked.