Anyone interested in joining a walk for the fight against Multiple Sclerosis?

  1. Interested in joining a team to help individuals with MS?
    post your email for more information.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    could you please post a bit more information about it and may i also remind members about terms of service and not posting email addresses they will be removed

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  4. by   Jules A
    I do at least one every year and just wanted to say thanks to all that participate.
  5. by   waitingforthedream
    I am doing one in south jersey in the next month, do it every year!!!! For a great cause.
  6. by   flightnurse2b
    i am not doing it this year, i did it last year... but i would be happy to donate a few dollars to your team if you provide a link!
  7. by   lolaoguntade
    Thanks guys for your support ... this will be my first time and i am so excited if anyone wants to help out the link is below i am still forming my team, there are many other ways you can help out its listed on the site. if anymore info is needed let me know and thanks again.