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    rehab nurse, I am so very sorry

    Have you considered contacting your Congressman? I know that sounds hokey, but they really can light a fire under SSA's ass and get them moving on your claim.

    My daughter was in a similar situation with the military/VA system. She had been injured in basic, but continued to serve after her graduation. It got to the point where she couldn't go on any longer, and was medically discharged. She fought with them over her disability benefits for well over a year--- unable to work due to physical limitations, and not collecting any pay from her military service.

    Even though she lives on the opposite coast, I wrote my Congressman about her difficulties. I told him that I understood she was technically not his constituent any longer, but begged him for help or advice in the matter.

    His office jumped on it immediately, and within a week her case was decided and she received not only a damned hefty disability percentage, but back pay from the date she was discharged.

    During our last election, my younger daughter asked me why I voted for this man, as he is a Republican and I am a liberal. I told her this story and that I didn't care what political party he's affiliated with, he works hard for everyone in his District and would have my vote for as long as he chooses to serve.

    Sorry for the long post, but I do think it might help to contact your representative. Tell them the entire story. All of it. And good luck sweetie. My prayers are with you, as always.
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