Why nursing hits home.....

  1. Just over 4 years ago, my dad passed away. He and I were closer than close. We were the essence of "best friends." If you have seen the movie "The Pursuit of Happyness," that was almost identical to my childhood with my dad. Even down to being homeless and living in a religious homeless shelter. But, we're not black and he didn't sell medical equipment. That and no "rags-to-riches" happy ending. Needless to say, I still respect him to this day. I will until the day I die, and farther. I hope that I can be a quarter of the man he was some day.

    His hospitalization came as not a slap in my face, but a sledge hammer to my heart. While I was there with my dad for the 5 days he was laying in his death bed, it was a very intimate time for me. What made it so much more were two of the nurses that were taking care of him. They made his AND my time there the best that it could have been. It showed me that nurses do not just take care of the patients. They take care of the families as well. Little did they know the mark they would leave on my swollen heart. I am a male. If you look at me, I look like a hoodlum. Big guy, tattoo's, etc. I always thought that I would end up a mechanic. I would have been a great one at that. I even worked for a major NASCAR engine shop. It took me two long years, but what happened to me in that hospital opened like a beautiful flower, and has turned into the blossom that is my love for nursing.

    It took a few months for me to get going in school, mainly because I wanted to get all of my bills paid off, etc. So finally, in spring of 2011, I embarked on this exciting, yet oh so miserable adventure we all call Nursing School. Is it worth it? The most profound YES that I have ever stated in my life! I was meant to be a nurse, this I know for sure.

    This little blurb was meant to be two things: #1- I wanted to reaffirm to each and every one of you that you chose this field for a certain reason. If you didn't care about people, you would not be here. If you are in this field for just the money, then this does not apply to you. #2- This is the most important reason, and the main reason why I wrote this message...Nursing school is tough. I am in my 1st semester, and I can honestly say that this is harder, for ME, than the military was. But, no matter what semester you are in, or are even just a nurse that has been one for many years, this is a reminder...step back and remember the defining moment in your life that made you want to be a nurse. Stop reading this message, close your eyes, and remember what exactly it was that made you who you are TODAY. (Pause for reflection) Now open those eyes, literally and metaphorically. Remember WHY you are a nurse/nursing student!


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  3. by   QUIET 1
    I'm sorry to hear about your father.

    I do agree 100% with on you reflecting back to why you chose nursing. I have had experience with nurses, who have been doing the same thing for too long and they're just burnt out. Their attitude does not seem very caring. A nurse snapped at me for something VERY SMALL, which I thought was VERY rude because she did not personally know me. Then I thought to myself, okay just put youself in her shoes and for a bit. And after thinking about her action for few hours, I still thought it was rude. I would have never snapped at somebody like that.

    Again, agreeing with MrPopeye, please do reflect why you chose this profession. I know there can very tough times and I think reflecting back help a lot. Also, take some time out of the busy schedule to treat yourself.
  4. by   Sun0408
    I wish you lots of luck during nursing school.. It will be tough but sounds as tho you will over come it. I have known many students that went into nursing because of what we as a profession did for their family etc.. We also had a pt that spent a lot of time with us in the ICU, major trauma and injuries, he is now working to get into nursing school himself
  5. by   MrPopeye
    Now THAT is cool!
  6. by   jamieekins
    LOVED reading your story Sean! Good for you pursuing your dream. It brought tears to my eyes reading your story about you and your dad. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason..even if it does not seem like it at the time there is a reason for why we have trials and heartache in our lives. Yours just so happened to lead you down the road you are on now to become the excellent nurse I am sure you will be! I love hearing stories about why nurses chose the profession, some stories are truly inspiring!

    I chose nursing because I have a special needs son who has been my inspiration. I have only had him in my life for 2 years but has changed my life drastically in so many ways (all positive). I can relate with you when you say that nurses take care of families. Many of my son's nurses have become a part of my family...I have spent so much of my life over the past 2 years with my son's nurses that I feel like they are all my sisters. They celebrate all of my son's triumphs and cry with me through the hard times.

    Nurses just ROCK!

    Good luck to you in nursing school, I am sure you will do awesome!
  7. by   Christina0tran
    Beautiful, beautiful story. Very inspirational! Good luck to you on your journey! It's good to hear that others have been inspired by the actions of nurses. I myself chose the field of nursing due to the actions of another nurse. Mine is a different, probably less dramatic story that I will share with you all one day. But it really makes you stop and think about the impact you have on other people's lives. Maybe one day when we are all nurses, we will impact the futures of others as well! Always remember that the simplest of actions can change someone's life Especially remember this when you're having a bad day or are tempted to act crabby!
  8. by   SarcasticLVN
    Amazing post! I just took a quick walk down memory lane and I miss nursing school! I made some great friends, had some awesome instructors, and a lot of scary experiences that all helped me in one way or another to be the nurse I am today. I've seen a lot of nurses who only do it for the money and it shows.. Its sad because you really need to be patient and put others needs before yours. Good luck with your schooling and I am sorry for your loss.
  9. by   lover of people
    Thank you for your post, it helps me while I'm making sure of my decision to go into nursing BEFORE I start school. And yes, 3 nurses compassion moved me so much that I want to be able to show caring like that to others in need. When the caring is there right when the need is there, something amazing happens in a patients heart. That's the glow that keeps inspiring me. I will be forever grateful for those 3 nurses that helped me during childbirth and then later with a partial hyst (ironic, huh?) this spring. Experiencing another's selflessness is a holy experience It seems to me we're made to be interdependent and nursing is that belief in action to me.

    Keeps going so you too, can be a blessing to others
  10. by   Brian
    FYI: I shared your story on the Nurses Rock facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?f...3137109&type=1

    Great story, thanks for sharing!
  11. by   MrPopeye
    Thank You, Brian!
  12. by   Marties
    for me, it was just always expected of me... My mother was a nurse, her brother was a flight nurse in vietnam who came back to be an instructor at a local college, My mom passed away when I was 10, my dad (who quit school after the 8th grade, to care for his parents, he was the youngest of 9) always pushed that i needed good grades to get into nursing school, all through high school i heard this, (to my sister on the other hand, nursing school was never mentioned) I went to college directly out of high school, and fell into that 18 yr old -away from home for the first time - trap, ended up dropping out, having a family, doing work in some other fields but gravitated back to nursing eventually. Went back to nursing school 10 yrs later after working as a nurses aide for 6 yrs. I earned my LPN in 1990 and my RN in 2006. I think that waiting that 10 yrs makes me a better nurse. I had a level of maturity that i found lacking in a lot of my classmates that were in their early 20's. I think my Dad knew I had it in me, as he knew my sister doesn't have the "knack" for nursing. I had the priveledge of caring for my dad in his final days of battling lymphoma. I found a new specialty with that experience. I went into Hospice and Palliative care. Part of healing from the grief of losing my Dad, I have helped other families and patients make that final journey. Sean, I hope that you take your life experiences and use it in your life as a nurse. as tough as school is just hang in there, it is well worth all the hard work and frustration.
  13. by   serenidad2004
    My journey to nursing also came from watching other nurse... when daughters father broke himeself from the wait up in a car accident. The skill and compassion was an amazing thing to witness.
    His accident was in november and by that janiary i was taking nursing prereqs
    9yrs later i am still loving my career choice and learning new things everyday.
    Good luck in your path to becoming a nurse!
  14. by   LexRaven
    Wow, you have no idea how much your words mean to me today.

    Thank you and God Bless and keep you safe.