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What do you do after a rough shift? Have fun with the girls? Eat chocolate? Or, do you just go straight to bed? Click Like if you enjoyed it. Please share this with friends and post your... Read More

  1. by   Ruth Cruse
    Thank Goodness I live 4 miles from work so get home quickly. Eat-because did not have time to at work. Then zonk out in front of the computer and let my mind REST from multitasking and all the stress of supervising ,managing patient care and my responsibility to the place I work. Then go back and do it all again the next day.
  2. by   WanderingNurse45
    fun with the girls? hehe that would be fun.

    for me, after a rough day and tomorrow is a day off, i take a shower, put my clothes i am willing to ruin or lose and go out in the city and have a night I will not remember tomorrow.

    If i have a shift the following day, I'll eat ramen.
  3. by   Mhays
    After a rough shift, my favorite thing to do are the following things:

    1. I like to watch TV; especially my favorite shows.
    2. I love to watch football; especially my favorite teams.
    3. I love to squeeze a stress ball.
    4. I love to eat ice cream.

    After a stressful day, I love to do all of those things which I have mentioned above.
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  4. by   Mhays
    After a rough shift and I have experienced them, these are the things that I have done:

    1. I have eaten some chocolate.
    2. I have watched movies.
    3. I have listened some classical music.
    4. I have watched my soap opera called "General Hospital."

    All of these things have helped me out tremendously.
  5. by   peaches88
    I listen to metal/hard rock on the way home. Then it's always a hot bubble or epsom salt bath with lavender oil, a glass of wine, and a good book (or just complete silence and nothing to think about).
  6. by   Mhays
    After a rough shift, I like to do these particular things:

    1. Lie down on the bed and close my eyes.
    2. Take a long bubble bath with warm water.
    3. Watch a movie in bed.
    4. Drink a coke and put lots of ice in it and also eat chocolate.
  7. by   Mhays
    I just had a rough shift yesterday and a bad day all the way around and here is what I did:

    1. I took a nice warm bubble bath.
    2. I drank some warm hot tea.
    3. I drank some gingerale with a lot of ice in the glass.
    4. I sat on the couch and relaxed.
    5. I laid in bed and watched a good movie on television.
  8. by   Mhays
    I have had a rough shift before and what I do are the following things:

    1. I take a very warm bubble bath.

    2. I drink some warm tea.

    3. I eat a cookie.

    4. I eat my favorite meal.
  9. by   marcellahays1
    After a rough shift, these are the things that I do:

    1. I drink a lot of coke.

    2. I take a nice bubble bath.

    3. Drink some nice tea.