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Nurses, have any you had moments when someone asked for something at the wrong time? You know what I'm talking about. Please share stories with the rest of us. Read more cartoons here:... Read More

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    My first shift on my own as a newgrad. A code black: moving every patient/bed/IV pole/02tank into the hallway because of a potential tornado. One patient in the hallway demanded his night-time medicine right then and there. NBD two other patients needed to get blood transfusions for active bleeding *Rolls eyeballs. I love people

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    Quote from needshaldol
    I love this! I would love to be able to say "this person is dying and we are working on saving, and you are obviously going to be still breathing this day, so you have no choice but to wait", and close the curtain! But where I work that would be "insensitive". I can be that way but then the patient "fires" the nurse. And we get called in for "the talk". Working at a hoity toity hospital in an affluent area has its downfalls.
    As it was the nursing supervisor doing the talking, at least we didn't have to worry about that! I mean really: complaining you don't like the curtain being drawn between the beds because you want to see what's going on...and then being nasty about it like it's your RIGHT to view the other person naked with a full code on them??
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    Ha! I'm a new nurse and I get fooled by that voice. Sometimes, I just can't tell if my coworkers mean what they say or if I, too, have become a victim of the overly-polite-super-obnoxious-sugar-sweet nursey voice sprinkled with a twist of sarcasm. I can only hope that someday, I will perfect that art. =)
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    I work in a Long-term care/rehab facility. I have several residents that think they should have their PRN pain meds exactly after 4 hours since the last time they got them, even if they aren't in pain. It doesn't matter if I'm sending someone to the hospital, they still think I should stop & give them their pain meds.
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    I'm not a nurse yet, however, I've been the ill patient in this scenario (the truly ill one, not the complainer!)

    I had 2 gall stones fused together that was blocking the bile ductin my liver. I was very ill. I had a complication from the first surgery and when I awoke from anesthesia, could not stop vomiting violently. So bad it was, that it started to pull my sutures apart...ouch! Needless to say, I needed immediate care.

    The lady in the bed next to me kept complaining that no one was paying any attention to her and that she needed a drink of water! I wanted to get out of my own bed and smack her in the face!!! The nurses were great and handled it well. When they left the room, the lady looks at me and says "I was in the room first, you shouldn't get special treatment before me"

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    Had this happen as well where we postponed visiting hour by 2 hours because of a full open chest code in our ICU. A family member comes in and demands to see the one in charge (in a very violent way with foul language). Sadly I was the charge nurse that shift. So as I was running the rest of the floor and the others the code I listened politely and he goes on and on about how expensive parking is... And he goes why aren't you saying anything?... So I go "oh well you must have missed my words of sympathy just now". And he goes "but you didn't say anything". So I politely smiled and nodded and asked him if he knew the pupose of a door. He goes "of course!" So I just tell him to show it to me and that I know he can....
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    Funny....timing is everything

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