On vacation but thinking about work... On vacation but thinking about work... | allnurses

On vacation but thinking about work...

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    Have you been on vacation lately? Did you find yourself thinking of work or your career? Do you miss your patients or coworkers?

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    <----- quilty (grin) this is to familiar
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    I've had dreams about patients of mine (in Boston) when I was in AFRICA!
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    Student and working means always thinking about my career... Also, I can't wait to have money for a vacation again one day
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    I think this is one my favorites so far Brian.
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    Yes...money and TIME! Also, I wish I had any friends left to vacate with, for that time.
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    That's funny! I think most of us get too attached with our jobs that we tend to think about it even when we have a vacation. When I'm on vacation, I usually think about how my patients are doing.
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    I just came back from vacation at the Bahamas and I have to say I was guilty about thinking of work. I left on a Thursday and got called by another hospital to set up an interview on the same day...then I spent the whole trip thinking about work, ughh.
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    I just got back from vacation, I went to visit family in Myrtle Beach. I was staying with my aunt, counsin and my cousin's kids. I got to my aunt's house and all I wanted to do was go jump in the pool, before i could even set down my bag my cousin's 4 year old daughter was asking me to play "nurse" with her. So much for escaping work on vacation.
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    I guess thats a good way of knowing you picked the right career!! : )