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Nurse on vacation - page 2

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    I've gotten the call when I was out recovering from shoulder surgery. After I told the girl it was not possible for me to work, she calls me back 10 minutes later asking when I would be back. This all happened just two days after I called and told my supervisor when I was planning to return to work. Gee, I'm glad they listen.
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    Bahaha, I absolutely got a call from my DON while I was at the beach last year... I just snapped a pic of the lovely waves and sent it to her, and turned the phone off.
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    I was once called when I was moving from Arizona to Ohio to see if I could work!
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    I'm a nurse in western Kansas. One night I got a call asking if I could come in and help in the ED. I said I would but I'm in Florida right now. To be fair, I only worked PRN at that hospital so they didn't know I was on vacation.
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    It has happened to me while in DC and in Texas as well as other times. I usually answer calls from work so they know that I won't be able to. As one on the other end, it is frustrating to not know for sure. One of the times I was called, the nurse thanked me for answering my phone as I and one other did and neither of us could work. This way, they know not to keep trying.
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    Totally happened to me too. I was PRN at the time, so it made more sense - except I'd submitted the need for time off in writing and my nurse manager approved it. I was studying abroad, and wasn't going to make it back to help with 1900 or 2300 staffing that night. I reminded the assistant nurse manager that I was on another continent...she laughed, said she forget and I should take lots of photos.

    At my current job, my manager called me one day when I'd called out. Asked if I was planning to keep my call that night. I about had a hissy fit listening to the voicemail. I called back, explained while I *could* if *nobody else* would agree to cover for me, I called out sick because I *was* sick, *sick enough* to go see my primary care doc (really the NP but still) to rule out strep. She said she'd ask around, and found a coworker who agree to swap call days with me - she texted me back not to worry about it. LOL.

    I've been called on my day off to see if I want to come in and work. We were really short that day, I live close to work and I wasn't doing anything that particular day.