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    I LOVE being a night nurse.... not having to "deal" with administration except through email, or doctors unless I call them... our worlds maybe be different... but I will never work day time... I have done it once.. and never again.

    A motto I picked up years ago... "Night Nurses.... keeping them alive till 0705." I love my day shift coworkers... but I think it takes a special kind of person to put up with THAT kind of hell. There is a special kind of person to work our shift as well... I work a ICE/CCU and Step down unit in Kentucky... and all kinds of holy hell comes unglued at night... I just don't need admins mucking up my job when it does... you admin... I will nurse.

    There is however that special hour... between 2 and three... when all the ativan and ambien craziness is slowing down for about 45 min... lol and no meds to pass till 3... that the quiet happens.. and if we are lucky... we may get to eat dinner during that time... however if your a Friday or Sunday night.. not gonna happen.. cause Admissions will come and take your dinner away...LOL

    I love my night shift as well as my partners in crime! some of the best nurses I know...
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    I'm currently in a BSN program and I work the night shift as a CNA. After I'm done I hope to work the night shift as a nurse. I said I'd never work nights but I really enjoy it now and hope to enjoy it as a nurse too.
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    Night nurses go to work in their pajamas... er... scrubs
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    "Night nurses go to work in their pajamas... er... scrubs "

    Don't forget our, clogs too!
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    I have to admit I was confused/put off by the suggestion of "dressing up" as a nurse at night. I accept it is a joke.

    Let me just add my support for the "children of the night".

    I spent my first TEN years on nights, seven as a CNA, three as an RN.
    Nights gave me the opportunity to study and learn. Later, I had plenty of opportunity to experience a wide range of situations in a slower pace.
    Leaving nights was traumatic. I wasn't sure I'd be able to function with the lights on and the bosses around.
    But then again, we are nurses. We can do just about anything, can't we?
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    I just accepted a position where I had choice of da or night shift. I was soooo tempted to do night shift but ended up doing days. Both shifts had its pros and cons for me. Maybe one day ill get to try nights.
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    ok, been watching too many newscasts
    sounded really creepy to me when i first read it

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