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    Quote from SaoirseRN
    I keep mine in my pocket and will check messages on breaks only. What I will do is use it for unit conversions, calculator, and looking up medications I'm not familiar with at my med cart so I don't have to go all the way back and log onto a computer -- if I can find one. If I'm using the phone in the view of patients or visitors I will tell them what I am doing. It's like someone else said - a computer in my pocket that also happens to be a phone. Could I manage without it? Yes. But it is useful and convenient.

    Right. The point is. You shouldn't have to, and proper use of smart technology increases efficiency. Myopic evaluations of people in and out of the orientation period, is a HUGE problem in nursing. There is already so much trouble with there being a major lack of objective approaches to nurse evaluation--both in and out of orientation periods. It is like my position that you cannot precept well if you don't have and use tools of objective evaluation. How can you assess a pt for, example, w/o striving for objective means of assessment and evaluation? We brag about assessment and evaluation as part of the nursing process, but we fail miserably in assessment and evaluation of new employee nurses, or even not so new nurses....b/c we don't strive for objectivity. Instead, we have come to rely on being reactionary; something we may not want in evaluating what's going on with patients. What is with this imbalance and dissimulation?
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    We don't have a cell phone policy but there is an unspoken rule that we aren't supposed use them at the desk or in front of patients. The nurses and CNAs all have hospital assigned phones that we carry during our shift so that we can find each other or the MD can reach us if need be. I'm pretty sure the phones are circa 1993, they are huge! You really can't carry them in your pocket so they are usually in view of the patient. We educate our patients on admission about the cell phones and reassure them that they aren't our personal phones. Our manager actually told us that we would eventually have iPhones and could chart on them...believe when I see it!
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    it really depends on the hospital or medical facilities your are in. most are firm on the "no cellphone policy" so that nurses wont be distracted during work hours. however, as technology develops, the use of smartphones can really increase efficiency.

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