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LOL! I like this one. :woot: How many hours of sleep do you get? Do you have certain rules that household members must follow? Any time management tips for sleep deprived nurses? ... Read More

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    Love this so much!
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    Seriously so true! Luckily it is just my roomate and I and she works days as a RN-CM and I work graveyards. Black out curtains are a must! I would die without them. One thing that I cannot escape are the early leaf blowers...Can't win them all.
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    [QUOTE=PMFB-RN;6917259]I remeber my 7 year old son yelling at the top of his lungs, right out side my bedroom door, for his sister to be quiet.


    Too funny, weird you don't hear the name Lila very often, that is my name. I get many compliments on my name. Good name choice! Also, I work nights, sometimes I get the best sleep after working my night shift then I do when I have a day off, weird how that works.
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    When I was waiting on a license, I did some canvassing for an environmental group...I saw a very cute cartoony sign that said, "Please don't knock, peds night nurse sleeping!" ... After getting that license and working as RN supervisor on night shift at peds psych...I would have put little gothy cartoons on the sign that said, "Night nurse sleeping - wake me and die."
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    I come home, pop a melatonin, and I'm out for 7-8 hrs. Dark curtains a must, and I always have a fan running to drown out household noises. Works well for me. My husband only works about 6 months of the year so I do the overnights when he's laid off. He gets the kids off to the bus stop and keeps them quiet when they get home. One time I woke up to the sound of my daughter's playdate's mom at the door, shouting, "Now remember, Alexis, their mom is sleeping, you need to be quiet!"
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    lol funny!!
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    Story of my life!
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    Maybe this is why I'm so crabby on my back to back shifts... I work 7p-7:30. Get home by 0820. In bed by 9am.. Up at the latest, 3pm. I feel and act like the devil working night shift.... I.Will.Work.Days..Hopefully.Soon.

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    when working 1p-1a three days in a row, on my first day off i would sleep till one in the afternoon.....and still going to sleep