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Just a Nurse

  1. 15 Yes nurses rock! All types of nurses from all educational training and specialties. Whether you work at the bedside, in an office, on the road.....in homes, correctional facilities, schools.....with newborns, children, drug addicts, the homeless, the dying.......

    No matter what, where, or who you work with or for...... Always remember....... You are more than just a nurse. As this poem says, You are the real bottom-line in health care.

    Just a Nurse
    by Suzanne Gordon

    I'm just a nurse. I just make the difference between life and death.

    I'm just a nurse. I just have the educated eyes that prevent medical errors, injuries and other catastrophes.

    I'm just a nurse. I just make the difference between pain and comfort.

    I'm just a nurse. I'm just a nurse researcher who helps nurses and doctors give better, safer, and more effective care.

    I'm just a nurse. I'm just a professor of nursing who educates future generations of nurses.

    I'm just a nurse. I just work in a major teaching hospital managing and monitoring patients who are involved in cutting-edge experimental research.

    I'm just a nurse. I just educate patients and families about how to maintain their health.

    I'm just a nurse. I'm just a geriatric nurse practitioner who makes a difference between an elderly person staying in his own home or going to a nursing home.

    I'm just a nurse. I just make the difference between dying in agony and dying in comfort and with dignity.

    I'm just a nurse. I'm just the real bottom-line in health care.

    Are you 'just a nurse'? No, you are something more. Do not diminish what you do, who you are and what this profession means to the world. You are the foundation of healthcare. Just like buildings, without a strong foundation of nurses, healthcare will crumble.
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    So true!! Whenever I think of a nurse I think of "Jack of all trades master of many"... a nurse provides so many things than just passing out meds and to the patients you care for the skills and knowledge you provide mean so much to them in their time of need. NEVER forget what an important role you play in society. Without you the sick would remain sick. And always remember you are NURSE and YOU ROCK!!!
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    I love this...thanks for sharing. It makes me cringe when I hear this. We are not just nurses. We are nurses.
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    This is great! Thank you for sharing this. If people had the chance to spend a day in a nurse's shoes..they wouldn't dare say "you're just a nurse."

    We call ourselves nurses because "angel" wasn't an available job title!
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    I am just a nurse....