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dear clinical student, i am your soon-to-be instructor. know that i love this profession and have dedicated my life to it and to my patients. i consider this profession to be a calling. i did not come to this profession for... Read More

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    how long do you have to complete them?

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    Absolutely wonderful article!!!! Huge Kudos......I'm truly inspired! Everyone should read this regardless of what stage in nursing they are in.
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    I thought this was pretty spot on and simply points out what this clinical instructor expects from his students, which was pretty much what my nursing instructors expect from me, and is not unreasonable. Nursing school is a very difficult and stressful time. As for the yelling part, it really didn't even jump out at me, but yeah I'd be pretty upset if any of my instructors, clinical or not, yelled at me, but I'd probably be more upset at myself because I would have had to do something pretty wrong. I'm a good student, and I feel I'm good in the clinical atmosphere as well, but I put my heart and soul into everything nursing whether it be an exam, a quiz, preparations for clinicals, or actual client care. I only wish my clinical prep took 8 hours, lol more like 12 for me. But when anyone comes at me with questions about issues with my client, I try to be prepared enough to be able to answer them. They say this will improve over time, that it won't take as long the more experience you have. I love the discussions and encouragement from this forum.
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    so inspiring! ^^_ i wish my clinical instructors were like you. Keep inspiring people! KUDOS!
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    I'm beginning my first semester of nursing school in January and it's good to have insight and tips from a nursing instructor. Thanks, this was great! =) It makes me a little nervous though.
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    Every summer I come back and re-read this article I wrote. I love teaching students, and yet, just tonight we were having a discussion on the unit I work as an APRN on and they were saying how evil I must be in clinical with students. I respond the same everytime. It's not evil to be "that preceptor"... You all had one of those. The one who pushes and pushes you to stop asking how and start asking why. I did. She changed my life. And because of her, I push and push to make the next nurse one who will change the world. Are they changing the world, the hundreds of students I have taught, I sure hope so!!!
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    enlightening article for future students, thank for sharing....aloha~
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    Quote from marty6001
    1. smile, the hardest part was getting in.
    i loved everything you had to say, but your last item made me smile. i am so excited to start school - i worked so hard to get here!
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    "if you are in it for anything except caring for patients, leave now. if you are in it for the money, leave even faster."

    this should be a requirement for admission! so much of my class hates patient care and is only seeing dollar signs!
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    Quote from ebailey1218
    I loved everything you had to say, but your last item made me smile. I am so excited to start school - I worked so hard to get here!

    I agree. And my hard work will continue not just in the program, but after school as well. I only hope to make a difference in the many lives I will encounter throughout my nursing career.

    Also, I hope to have an instructor as dedicated as you are.

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