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There are pros and cons to choosing a preferred nursing shift. But what is right? I mean - if you haven't tried it how will you know. What is your current working shift? Do you like it? What are the pros and cons of... Read More

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    No Kids. So night shift works for me! I have never been/and will never be a morning person! To each it's own.

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    I work 6:45 pm to 7:15 am. I really like the night shift because
    1. it allows me to see my baby more (If I was working days, he would be asleep when I went to work, and by the time I got home he would be asleep again)
    2. The shift differential
    3. Not all the management
    4. It is easier to stay up all night and study or do classwork if I need to on my nights off

    There are also cons though
    1. The transition from nights to days on my days off (this is usually not that bad because I usually schedule them 3-4 in a row)
    2. We are not allowed as many nurses aids
    3. Patients are not leaving for tests and procedures like they do during the day, so you do not have the benefit of having a lighter load at times like they do
    4. It is hard to attend meetings and mandatory seminars
    5. We get admissions every night at the start of our shift, because the physicians discharge them at the end of their day shift

    Overall, I like nights way better than days. Even though there are more cons than benefits, the benefits still far out weigh all the cons. It works really well with our family schedule because my husband is a full time student, so he stays at home with our son when he is not in school. I may try and move to day shift when my husband starts working, and our son is in school so that we are on the same schedules. I think if you are debating on days vs. nights, you should look at which shift may suit your schedule better. If you are leaning towards nights, try it and give time for your body to adjust.
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    I will officially start my new job this afternoon on 3pm-11pm shift. Kids are in their twenties and doing their own thing, hubby works days but we make the best of our time together. I have worked days for YEARS and no matter how hard I try, I am just not a morning person. Never have been and can get some really good sleep during the day. I am much more active in the afternoon and can't get to sleep until after midnight anyway, so getting up at 6am has been very hard. I like being able to have the time to do things I can't do on banker's hours as well. Shift diff. doesn't hurt either
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    PM's and nights suck! You are off schedule with the rest of the world. All the kids activites are after school or in the evening. You miss out on everything that the rest of the world takes for granted and is able to do when you work a normal day schedule. The shift diff. is nice, but I honestly think it should be higher, because staffing is much lower, and when there is a call off, nights often doesn't get filled. I constantly felt "hung over" when working nights, and found it impossible to get to get decent sleep. The benefit is that staff often are very close and work well together as a team.
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    I love nights. We are busy, but the pace is much, much slower than days. Less family, practically no doctors around, and generally less medications to pass out. My last shift was awesome. 4/5 of my patients were stable and slept through the entirenight. I took a nice long lunch break, my charting was all caught up and even have some time to read the news on the internet. Not all night shifts are that easy, but they're generally lighter than days. No way would I would harder for less money on days. I worked nights through nursing school so I'm okay with the sleep schedule.
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    Hello! I am a night shift nurse. I used to be evenings. I never saw my children then. Now, I wake up when they get home and have my evenings with them! I don't like the drama day shift nurses where I am. I love my night shift crew! We have great teamwork!
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    My favorite shift as a staff nurse was 1pm to 9pm. Perfect-- not home too late to spend some quality time with my husband, still time to run errands and stuff in the morning, no need to sleep late and drag myself into work. No rush hours. Only one meal to serve. Play nice with two shifts (7-3 and 3-11) but not so much that I hated it if anyone were feeling evil. Great shift.
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    I have worked all three. Hated the 7pm-7am shift. After you work all night, your sleeping all day...and yep. Tired all the time. Not to mention its not normal, and they say it cuts 10 years off your life. I left that shift when my body retalliated, my immune system was causing havoc with me.
    I don't like the 3-11 shift, because the entire day your eyeballing the clock to go into work, its hard to do anything during the day because of the limited time schedule. You get out late and come home to a sleeping family... thats where you should be. Sleeping.
    The day shift... I would rather force my self to get up and get it over with and when I get home, I can still do things. I still have a life. Its normal. I have a friend who did nights for almost 30 years... I guess some people are just accustomed to that kind of life.
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    No drama where I am and I work the day shift. Who has time for drama?? Much toooo busy for that.
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    This is a tough one unlike day cause it's busy and time flies but unlike nights no management up ur but telling you what to do instea of helpin you do it lol
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