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We try to teach our children how to be good. Being innocent isnít necessarily the same thing, and some day, when the sheen has worn off, becoming a virtuous person in this world will mean making hard decisions and choosing... Read More

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    Your story was touching. I love that you are a strong, intelligent father raising a sensitive and intelligent son. My own 13 year old son is quite sensitive and while I have come to realize this is a gift that gives him a way to develop relationships and empathy with others, it has been a struggle for me to let him be himself because he is so different from me. Your story made me remember to appreciate my son. You are also a very good writer! I had a picture in my mind the whole time I was reading.
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    Thx, all. Happy Thanksgiving. Who else is working the holiday?
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    I'm on call. If they call me, I'll go.
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    Awesome story, thanks for sharing
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    Happy holidays again.

    No wonder I'm a psych nurse:

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