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Did the money play a factor in you choosing a nursing career? Do you think money is a factor in why people choose nursing as a career? Click Like if you enjoyed it. Please share this with friends and post your comments... Read More

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    I'm in CA and work in corrections

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    The money was certainly not the reason I entered the profession, but aren't we all "in it for the money" in some way? That's why you work- for money. If I was independently wealthy or won the lottery, I'd quit my job in a heartbeat and spend the rest of my life traveling the world.
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    Quote from brian
    Did the money play a factor in you choosing a nursing career? Do you think money is a factor in why people choose nursing as a career?

    All I can say is. . .

    I mean to answer straight-up, even back then, it paid better than many secretary jobs, but not much. Going into nursing for the money has got to be one of the dumbest things a person could do....

    And I say that, and I've liked a lot of what I've done as a nurse.

    But come on. . .

    Know too many people in non-healthcare jobs that ended up making a lot more--including nice severances when they left places of business.
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    Money comes with any job, it's more for the security of the money...
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    Money? What money? Nobody told me there was any money! Either that, or I went thru the wrong line!
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    Money is always a factor, that's why we work... to have money. But do I stay in nursing for money? Hell NO!

    The money is decent. But this job isn't for everyone and if the only motivation of a person going to nursing is money... well, they'll get a rude awakening.

    Nurses aren't getting paid enough. Patient care, med passes, mountains of documentations, liaison for every department, family members who complains about every single thing, and doctors who rarely answer the page... the stress alone is not enough for the pay we're getting.

    But aside from that, the human aspect of it all. We are in contact with these patients for 12 hours/day. We learn about them on a personal level and that's why we assert ourselves and campaign for their well-being. And even if we've done what we can, sometimes we feel powerless about their condition. That's not something anyone can put a price tag on. Knowing that you've done all you can but still it's just not enough.
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    Bailey coco, what's it like working in corrections? I'm a student nurse and I've never actually been able to talk to someone who works in the corrections field. How do you like it? How did you get started?
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    As the child of a nurse, and a medical assistant/pre-nursing student, I can firmly say it's not for lots of money. But nursing does have that middle-class income that I'm looking for, plus benefits.

    Side benefits include: Job security, interesting, varied, semi-autonomous work, and helping people. I'm a very practical person, and wouldn't be happy in a job where I couldn't directly see the impact of what I do. I meet very interesting people, and I'm constantly being challenged. Plus I like knowing that my job takes a certain kind of person, and I'm one of those.

    Huh, now I'm almost excited about returning from vacation. A good chance to rest, now let's get back to it!
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    I was a poor single soldier before I started this whole RN thing. Comparing my old profession to this new one is like night and day. The money is way better as an RN, you have set hours, you get paid over time, you have days off in the middle of the week, everyone acts civilized, I can actually say no to my superiors, and I do not fear that my first line will show up to my house to perform an inspection. I am 100% in it for the money, benefits, and freedom.

    If you saw what my old job was like, you would agree as well.
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    You know, I am getting reeaaallllllyyyyyy tired of the old bedpans-vomitus-screaming tropes about nursing. Let's find another cartoonist.
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