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1st Nursing Cartoon caption contest - win $100 - page 5

nurses, it's your turn. put on your thinking caps, write the caption to this cartoon and have a chance to win $100. ;) after a week or so, we will repost it with the winning caption and credit... Read More

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    I think management took it literally when I said we work like dogs around here
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    He's our new bedpan detector!
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    "just goes to show ya they'll let anyone be a doctor here"
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    "Oh, you haven't met Bob? He threatened discrimination if they didn't let him into New University's BSN program."
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    Is that the new lab specialist?
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    I knew there was a nursing shortage but I didn't know it had gone to the dogs.
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    Meet Nurse Ruff the new "Head *****" in charge! She's allways barking at all the nurses and chasing after the Cat scan...........And boy I would love to get that "*****" fixed!
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    I know, I know, we are all short staffed around here. It's dog gone crazy don't you think!
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    Pardon me, I just got paged.
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    How can patients tell who's who these days if they let everyone wear scrubs?
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    "Well, how do you like that?? I guess you CAN teach an old dog new tricks..."
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    "He's the top dog of PTU, the Pet Therapy Unit."
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    Quote from brian

    "i'm not sure about this hospitals latest solution for short-staffing..."