When does the diversion program start in CA

  1. 1 Hi. So, I get my letter from the CA Bon saying there is a report against me and I can either do diversion or be investigated. I have 10 days to respond. If I do elect to enter the program, how quickly does it start? Is it immediate? If I decide not to do the program is that decision final after 10 days, or can I change my mind and do the diversion program down the road? Not sure what to do. Thanks!
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    Before you do ANYTHING, get a lawyer!
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    Your questions can best be answered by consulting with an administrative law attorney EXPERIENCED in dealing with the California Board of Nursing and with nurses facing accusations of diversion/impairment.

    The American Association of Nurse Attorneys

    The California Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service

    Good luck and let us know how things go.

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    Diversion does starts once you give a negative urine drug screen, that will also be your new sobriety date as far as the BON is concerned. Contact your local nurse support group leader, the leader for long beach calif, is great..Good luck. Stay strong. This to shall pass.
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    I too just got a letter. Was wondering how you are doing and what is required. Any input would be great. Lots of luck to you!
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    For those that received letters fromCa Bon can you share whether you were offered diversion and if you decided to enter diversion as well as what you have gone through since. Thank you

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