whats next??????????

  1. i am currently under the supervision of tnpap. i went through the evaluation process and was found to not have a dependenct problem. however, on saturday i took a percocet for back pain, not thinking about itreally, and then had a dirty drug screen on monday. i told my case manager what i had done, after the dirty drug screen and now i have to be re evaluated. i can't practice until after that, but i was wondering what will happen next? he says i will most likely have to have IOP, i will do whatever i have to, but can you still work under iop? i am in ch 13 bankruptcy, and really need that income. anyone have any answers for me? thanks in advance.
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  3. by   Magsulfate
    So, have you signed the agreement to enter TPAPN? I think when you say that you were evaluated and that you do NOT have a dependency problem, that confuses me, because TPAPN participants must have a chemical/substance abuse/dependency diagnosis. Are you sure it's tpapn, because it sounds like you're in EEP.

    It all depends what is going to happen. IF you already signed the agreement with TPAPN it is up to that agency to say what will happen next. IF you failed the UA before the TPAPN agreement was signed, then they will ask you if you want to go through TPAPN and recovery. If you do, then you will need NOT be working in NURSING until they say so, which is usually 2 months or so while you're going to out patient treatment, or whatever treatment the counselor deems is necessary for you.

    But , I am a bit confused, like I said... if you do not have a diagnosis of chemical dependency or substance abuse, then you cannot participate in tpapn. There is another program for people who do not have a diagnosis, it is called EEP. You can find out information about it on the tpapn website. http://www.tpapn.org

    You really should read the rules and regulations on TPAPN and EEP. YOu can go through these programs, or be at the mercy of the BON. You do NOT want to be at the BON's mercy, I guarantee you that.
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  4. by   dfhcih
    actually i am in tnpap, in tn. i did sign the contract 7 months ago, i just took that pain pill sat morning. my evaluation did not show me chemically dependent. i was not on any restrictions other than no more thyan 80 hours in two weeks. are we talking about tn pap or texas pap?
  5. by   Magsulfate
    Okay, I thought you were talking Texas. WWEELL,, in this case, I have no idea what you will have to do. Call your case manager and ask, that is the best way to find out. It will be something. Even though you don't have a diagnosis, they still expect you to be drug free during the program. Afterall, they were asking you to do random drug tests, so they're doing them for a reason. Whether it be one pill or 15 pills, they don't treat a 'dirty' UA any different. . They can't, or else everyone would be saying that it was just one pill, right? Anyway, call the CM, and find out, so atleast it will calm your nerves for now.
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  6. by   southernbeegirl
    I was with tnpap too. who's your case worker? you need to call them asap and tell them what happened! otherwise you are going to be sent for another eval and then treatment. anytime anything happens you need to tell tnpap. shoot, i used to call steve just to say "hi" if i hadnt talked to him in a week just to keep in touch. they are great at tnpap IF you are working your program. i hope the percocet was prescribed to you or did you divert it?
  7. by   dfhcih
    i did call and tell him. the percocet was not prescribed but i did not divert it was my dads. i have to go for another evel on the 28th. but i called and he gave me the number of a group facilitator in my area, and i am going to go to a support group meeting monday(next monday). i have never diverted, was accused but it was all documentation errors, so when i got my first eval, they said i did not have a problem, but was at risk. i have been doing a lot of research, and i am scared that maybe i am developing an addiction because i hav a lot in common with the ppl on this site. so i am not opposed to going to meetings and all that stuff. right now i justr wanna do what i have to to take care of myself and my little boy. i don't know what to think really! when i took the pill, i didn't even give it another thought, and maybe that is what scares me, i didn't even think about it. what are your thoughts? i think it is neat that both of us had the same case worker, i absolutly love steve, he is really supportive. i would love to stay in contact with you, if you don't mind my email is

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  8. by   Magsulfate
    So, it was just one pill, one time? The part that sends up red flags is the fact that it was not yours. Add to that the fact that you are in tnpap and were accused of diverting, even though you say that it was just documentation errors.

    I am not here to doubt anything or judge anyone. But for your own benefit, look deep down inside and figure out what is going on with yourself. It is not anyone else's problem but your own, and you alone will be the one to deal with it. Find out who you are, and if you need to fix something, do it. Don't wait for next monday. AA meets every night, in every town, even small towns. Find them, go tonight. Although some people say that hitting rock bottom is the only thing that will make someone see that they have an addiction.,... I think that you should start now, before you find yourself in a big hole, and denial is digging you deeper.

    I am not trying to be mean or rude, I am trying to save you a lot of trouble, because I've been there.
  9. by   dfhcih
    thanks for your insight! i am trying to look deep inside and thats why i am here. i do think that i may be in the early stages of addiction. i will be attending a na meeting tonight. i just foundit online! i want to fix this now, before i have to go down the road that i have read other nurses have. no it wasn't my pill it was my dads, and i now know i should not have taken it, thats kinda what scares me, i just did it without thinking about it. i really am scared to death, and i want to get this taken care of, even if it means going to meetings or whatever! please if you see something i don't let me know i am here to get you guys advice, you guys have been here before and i just want to know that if this is indeed addiction i would just liek to know that i can beat it before its gets really bad. i have a 2 year old that needs his momma, and from the stories i have read, if this continues he might lose me. can you understand where i am coming from?
  10. by   SassyErRn
    Good for you that you can identify your behavior as not being quite right. That is the first step. You sound very willing and open to getting help now. Ther is no point in letting yourself hit rock bottom when you already know dep down that you have a problem already. Good luck to you. We are always here for support!
  11. by   dfhcih
    i went to a na meeting last night for the first time. it wasn't as bad as i thought. i actually enjoyed it, does that make sense? anyways thank you guys for being here. my case manager is really supportive of me, and he has promised that they will continue to work with me, so i don't have to hit "rock bottom". and from the stories i heard last night, that is a place i DO NOT want to have to go. so thank you guys and please keep in touch.
  12. by   southernbeegirl
    hey! congrats on the meeting.

    what area are you in? im in the knoxville area. if you are in this area, i can help you find a great group facilitator. i still talk to mine often.

    be sure to tell steve that wendy said hi! i absolutely love that man! he was a strong support and shoulder for me during my contract. I now consider him a friend.

    hang in there, k?
  13. by   dfhcih
    hi wendy! i will tell steve you said hi. i have been to 2 more meetings. i feel really good when i leave. hope all is well with you! i feel like things are going to get better this way! kit
  14. by   southernbeegirl
    working the steps helped me save my life and they are the basis for my life now. do you have a sponsor yet?

    Although I am primarily an addict, im also an alcoholic and always go to AA meetings instead. i think in my case i like the AA meetings around here better. it was hard to find a NA meeting with lots of clean time.

    i also LOVE LOVE LOVE women's meetings!! if you have any in your area, try them. there is lots of love, hugs and clean time in a women's group.

    remember...everything you hear in meetings and groups won't pertain to you...just take what you need and leave the rest.