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  1. Hello everyone. Hope you all are happy and well.
    I have been working in the medical records dept for almost 2 months now and when I started I was told that it was just temp. I am working at the hospital that suspended me back in may and so when this temp job is done HR should be finding me a new position. I have grown to like the 9-5, m-f gig and now I fear going back to 10 or 12 hour shifts on the floor. I have been looking into other things and I would love to work in a clinic or medical office but I can't seem to find any that have open positions. I know I shouldn't be picky but my fear of med-surg 12 hour days is not just because I won't like it, it's the toll it will take on my mind and body...and recovery. I figured I would wait and see how long this temp thing went for and then take the easy road and take whatever is offered to me here just until my restriction is up and meanwhile look for what I really want to do. The other thing is that HR still might not have a place for me after this job, esp if I still have my restriction. It took months for them to get me where I am now but before that I kept being told that there was nothing avail due to budget and staffing issues. My fear is that this temp job will end and HR will tell me the same story...that they have nothing for me. I cannot lose my benefits.
    So today I was looking online and found a full time position for a public health nurse. I am really considering this but I don't know if I should wait to see how long my current job will last. I am curious to see what HR might find for me but if I wait then maybe this pub health job will no longer be available. Since realizing that I will not be going back to er nursing, I have actually enjoyed thinking about all the other areas of nursing that I would like. I want to explore new things. The whole idea of working in a heath dept with the m-f day hours really appeals to me. Even if HR found me something I would be interested in I know it will be 10-12 hour shifts.
    Sorry this was so long. :typing I just needed to get things out and if anyone has anything to offer then please do.

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  3. by   Magsulfate
    Well, it sounds like you do not have job stability at the place you are at. Any day now they can tell you that your job is finished and they don't have a place for you. But what if they do put you in med/surg? In a way, it might be good to do the med/surg job IF you want to get back into bedside nursing. You should work bedside, even with restrictions, so that you can get the hang of it, without being afraid that you'll slip. You can't slip up with restrictions, atleast not at work.

    This public health thing does sound good. If it is a good company, maybe you will have better job stability. How long have you worked at this hospital? Sometimes it is scary to change jobs, you don't know what you're getting into.

    Will you have to disclose anything to this new employer? How about, applying and interviewing, you can find out more about the job/company during the interview, or look the company up on the internet. See how big the company is, and find out if they are stable.

    But, I say,,, go for it. Looks like your job will be ending, and the stress of not knowing what will happen next is not worth staying there. It is ultimatly up to you to weigh the possibilities.

    Get a piece of paper and make two columns. Write down advantages and disadvantages of your job.. and then do it for a new job. Sometimes seeing it on paper in front of you helps.

    Good luck@!
  4. by   SassyErRn
    easttexasnurse31...thanks for the reply!
    The public health job is for the county health dept. I would have to disclose to the new employer and 1) I will have time left on my restriction (although working in the health dept will not expose me to narcs) and 2) I have only been in my hprp recovery program for 7 months (3 yr program). I don't see a problem there though because them seeing my resume should get me an interview and this job will not involve anything that would harm my recovery. I will sit down and make a pros/cons list for the phn and my current situation...meaning my temp job then things left in the hands of hr at anytime. Thank you so much for the "go for it" advice. :wink2:
  5. by   SuesquatchRN
    Is there a way to get this job you're in as permanent?

    I couldn't go back to the floor. I'm too used to being treated like a human being again.

    Good luck, Sassy.
  6. by   pollyanna83
    Am I just imagining it or does it seem that a lot of med-surg nurses end up abusing after years of super stressful jobs, with 12 hour shifts and large patient loads? My friend was in this same situation and she is terrified to go back even after limitations are lifted. She is soooooo much happier as a rehab nurse with no med responsibilities. All meds are administered by techs.
  7. by   SassyErRn
    For my situation, I think is was a combo of many things. I have a hx of depression and it was getting worse in the year leading up to my drug abuse. During that time there was stress at home because my husband was unemployed and couldn't find work. I started drinking more, I stole pills from a friends house, then the diverting from work. Throw in 12 hour midnight shifts in the er with every coworker complaining about being short staffed on a daily basis and how much they are miserable and you get one sick girl. And it's not the situations, it's the person's mind. The situations are just like throwing gas on a fire.